June Review 10 – 17: Simplitude…

This week has been a quiet one, with not so much happening. I have been spending a lot of time trying to define and come up with resources for Summit Seekers (Yes, I know I Still need to tell you more about this). We had rains towards the end of the week. The “winter” has officially started.

I decided to take some Zinc before I closed fast on Saturday morning so that I could play tennis. It helped. I was not tired, just a little thirsty, and I did not play as bad I did last week. We went for our first Fast-breaking at the mosque. They had a contortion of Chinese. I decided to fill my self on fried food instead. It was however great meeting and catching up with people. We did not stay for the lecture as it was cold. Instead mum and I made a small detour and grabbed some coffee at Kempinski before we got home.

We began our Sunday with a visit to the Graveyard. A highly recommended act. It is always a peaceful place to go and just reflect if not simply be. I spent the rest of the day at home, catching up on my Blogs (I am way behind with these, trust me).

Thank God it’s Monday. I went for my workout in the morning and later in the evening for Yoga, which was great. We did some advanced variations of the Sun Salutations, and even had a longer class. The class is now up to 8 pax from 5. Looks fuller now.

I was in a lot of pain on Tuesday. It’s PMS week. I slept in late and woke up feeling lousy like there was a huge weight on my shoulders. Ah well, one of the ills of being a woman. Again, a quiet day with nothing in particular happening.

It’s mid-week, Wednesday, and I’m on my break! But the cramps were terrible. I had to cancel Yoga in the evening because I could barely sit or stand or even lie down. I have my review tomorrow and I am not that excited because, naturally now the scales will tip upwards with the water-retention.

The review went well on Thursday. The weight loss recorded for the month was minimal (as always), but the reduction in BMI and BodyFat% were remarkable. As long as things are in a downward trend, it is great. Let’s keep it that way.

I worked out on Friday after a 3 day break. The weather was perfect for a swim, but I resorted instead to walk and do some stretches. I managed a 750mtr jog without dying. I must explore this further next week.

And the week has come to an end. The weekend will be an exciting one. I have a dinner on Saturday evening with a couple of friends. The host is going back to Australia so it will be a small farewell dinner for her. Sunday Morning we have International Yoga Day and there will be a huge (5,000 people) Yoga session in the open. (I just hope the skies hold up) and on Sunday night I will be Volunteering at a Grand Iftar in honor of the less fortunate hosted by the Who Is Hussein Organization.

Looking forward to these. Have a great weekend everyone!


7 thoughts on “June Review 10 – 17: Simplitude…

  1. you are so encouraging. thank you. my injuries are mostly from over training. when it happens i tend to stop everything so i can adjust my focus. but like i said, it is incredibly frustrating.

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  2. Yes im looking forward to IYD but the weather seems threatening. We have had showers all Friday night and tody has been cold and gloomy. Pray the weather holds. My cramps are the worst on the first day and day before. Trust me, I’m new to them since I stopped taking period tablets and they have normalized on their own


  3. international yoga day sounds amazing! i hope you have fun. how are the cramps? sometimes the entire week of my period i skip on physical activities because it is so painful!

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