FLL Review: May – June 2016

Hello Everyone!!

I need to apologize for the mysterious disappearance of last month’s review. I have no idea what I did, but when I went to check back, the entire update had disappeared. Anyway, not to lose heart, we are here again with yet another POSITIVE update.

This was a much relaxed period, compared to April-May, with quitting my job and my cycle getting messed up and being attached by the Flue, but despite all these hang-ups, I was still able to drop 1.6Kgs last month. I realize my progress is very slow, but it is like my very kind FLL Agent says, the scale is secondary. Our main aim here is to stabilize the hormones and as long as this is happening, we should simply consider the weight loss as an added benefit of the programme. I have however been receiving a lot of comments about looking smaller .

I spent the first week recovering from my cold. My workouts were inconsistent and because of the rains, I became lazy. There is no track circuits, no swimming and no Tennis due to the rains. I noticed that this time round, the flue took quite a toll on me. My energy levels were reduced to bare minimum, as a result I was packing on the carbs (in moderation). The scale had been stuck on 81, and my target was to get into the 70’s. Hydration was at an all-time low.

With Ramadhan just a week away, I needed to step up the game. I managed to cut back on the carbs and by taking vitamin supplements (Ginsomin), I started feeling more energetic. Thankfully, the weather cleared up and I was able to get back into my routine of walking, jogging and swimming and Tennis (at which I now suck). I am now able to do a minimum of 5kms walks in less than an hour and swim 1km (45laps).

In spite of increasing activity levels and with a mid-month Karura Hike (15km), the weight refused to budge. I had increased my water intake but the metabolism totally slowed down, resulting in lack of appetite. The weakness was still apparent, I could make out at the Karura Hike, and still far from my target of 70s.

The first week of Ramadhan was difficult. However, it did make me stick to the FLL programme strictly, as there was no time to snack on sweets or carbs. I have stuck to the portion sizes throughout the fasting period, and this applies to all other times when dining out as well. I have resorted to eating fruits when the sugar craving strike post-meals, so I have an apple in the morning and an orange just before bed. I started working out on the third day of Ramadhan, but dropped intensity. Water intake is up to 3lts a day. And I think this is doing the trick, because there was a pleasant surprise before the end of week 3 – I hit the 70’s (79.6Kgs to be exact)

The last week of this review, which also happens to be the Second week of fasting, brought me to my PMS. Which means water retention. Because I have been extremely STRICT with my food, the weight only went up in grammes when I went for my review. So, technically I am still in my 70’s.

This is how the review went:

June Review

 So, from the above I achieved the following in the review period of May-June 2016:

  • Weight now down to 70’s
  • Total Weight Lost since initial review: 11.3 Kgs
  • Weight Loss this month: 1.2Kgs
  • Significant reductions in BMI and Body Fat percentages
  • Water Intake and Muscle Mass are up by very small margins.
 Goals for next month’s review:
  • Reach 75Kgs
  • BMI of 25
  • Body Fat percentage less than 30
  • Muscle mass up to 33 or higher

I did well 🙂



6 thoughts on “FLL Review: May – June 2016

  1. oh this is a new injury. previously, it is the right wrist. now it is the left. i am trying hard not to be frustrated. it can be easy because all i need to do is eat. oh thank you. i will give it a go. i do like meds. i have a long history with them. too long so i will share another time.


  2. Yes. I remember you mentioning that. Hope your wrist is on the mend. For the cold (wait before you wrinkle that nose) boil some fresh ginger root with pepercorns and drink a quarter cup before bed. Or just pop meds. I dont like meds.


  3. progress is progress. you are lucky because you can still do your physical activities. i can’t. two weeks ago i injured my left wrist plus i got a cold last week. recovering though.

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