June Review: 4 – 10… Happy Fasting

With a the advent of the June, we usher in the Muslim Holy Month of Ramadhan. A month of fasting, charity and goodwill towards all. It will probably be a very slow month for me, but I will try and make it as interesting as possible. this is what the first week of June/Ramadhan looked like…

I went for my Tennis Session on Saturday. Since I had been experiencing some weakness in the past week, I decided to take a Zinc Supplement. It surely helped with boosting my energy levels, but my play was pathetic. I just couldn’t get the ball over the net. Even the Coach was frustrated and disappointed with my performance and gave me a flat 10% for my rating. .

We later went for lunch. The BurgerFest is still on till end of the week (Buy one get one free at most burger joints) and then went for a movie where I hogged on the last of my favored Caramel Popcorn. Won’t be eating these in a while!

I spent the evening preparing for our Mt. Longonot Climb tomorrow. Looking forward to that. Need to see how well my endurance levels are now. Last time they were totally out of whack!

I hardly got any sleep and woke up way too early on Sunday. I guess I was a little apprehensive about the climb and my metabolism. But that’s a story for another day. We started the climb earlier than last time. And I have to say,  I outdid my expectations for myself. Maas, one of the girls who joined us for the climb had a challenge getting to the top, but then, isn’t that what Mountains are for?

Monday was a day spent in speculation, whether it would be the first of Ramadhan or not. I fasted anyway, completely tired and dehydrated from the effects of yesterday’s climb. I could not think about working out at all. I was not in any pain, but just felt too lethargic to do anything. I need to set my meals in order. I’ve been having too many carbs of late.

I could barely manage to focus on the YWSE Dinner later in the evening. We had a different schedule this time, with a mixed (male & female) networking event after the training with snacks. The training was amazing on Negotiation Skills (post to follow), but I have no idea how the networking event was as I left soon after the training.

I woke up feeling even  more lethargic on Tuesday morning. All I remember doing was just sitting on my bed, staring at the ceiling, all attempts to will my body into motion failed! Maybe it’s the fatigue from the climb. Hope I will feel better tomorrow.

I was up considerably early Wednesday morning, following my sleep-in-after-closing-fast routine. I believe the body is now adjusting to the routine, and I managed to go for my walk and do 5kms straight. I even went for yoga in the evening (carried some dates and water to break my fast mid-way) and was commended for my dedication and commitment from the guru and other practitioners. I also took another friend with me, who will now be joining us regularly. I weighed myself and the scale went down 0.9Kgs in 1 day. That is news!

Another 0.9kgs down Thursday morning. That is 1.8kgs in 2 days!!! If it continues like this, I may as well reach my target during Ramadhan!. I am really being strict with the programme. Mum is gobsmacked how I can survive on such little food! But hey, here I am! I am beating my sugar cravings with fruits in the evening and morning, and drinking up (a little over 3 ltrs of water daily). Today’s workout was a circuit. I survived it, in spite of the thirst.


I almost jumped with glee. But i was standing on the glass scale and it could have broken. OK so, today is Friday and we are celebrating 3 things!!

  1. One (work) week complete of fasting.
  2. First Friday of Ramadhan  and
  3. You ready…..

I weighed myself this morning and its official. I don’t care if things go back-sliding from here, but this day OFFICIALLY marks my 10KG WEIGHT LOSS!!!

I couldn’t believe it! You have all been there for me and watched me struggle one gram at a time. It has taken 7 months but hey slow and steady wins the race!! However, the weekend is coming, and It’s going to be tough because we usually go to the mosque to open fast and it non of my FLL food – its REAL food – greasy, oil, carby food. And if I eat too little, then I’m *%$(^. or Maybe not. Let’s see how I do this first weekend.

I made it for the congregation prayers after my workout today. It was so peaceful and spiritual. The Imam (person who leads the prayers) spoke about the exact same thing that I have centered my “Ramadhan Diaries” for on this week – Fasting is not just for our stomach, but for ALL our senses. I also go the opportunity to meet people whom I only get to meet at the Friday prayers, and since I haven’t been in ages (years) it was nice seeing them.

And that, folks, was my week.

Weekend plans up ahead with Tennis in the am (i must not forget the zinc) and tax returns consultations soon after, breaking fast at the mosque on Saturday and Sunday mum wants to eat out.

Have a blessed weekend everyone, and THANK YOU for all your support!!!


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