Review: 21 May – 3rd June… The End marks the Beginning

Been looking forward to this week as it was going to be a short one, with a lot of activity in it, being the last week before the Month of Ramadhan starts.

I did manage to play tennis on Saturday, but it was torture. I had no energy and this frustrated my coach as today I could  hardly get any ball over the net. I had no “power”. I was ashamed. Every week I step into the court hoping and intending to do better. But it seems the opposite. Today’s performance was pathetic. This has to change.

Book club meeting was cancelled as several members had not yet finished the book This was actually a good thing because I was in pain from tennis. It has now been postponed to Saturday, the day I climb Mt. Longonot. So I will not be able to make it. Thankfully, one of the ladies had agreed to take down notes for me. I spent the day stretched out in misery wondering what my life (and my body) is coming to. Over a bowl of London Dairy’s Double Chocolate ice Cream!

I slept through and woke up well past mid-day on Sunday. Our Mt. Longonot prep walk was postponed to Wednesday (Public Holiday) – again a good thing as I was still recovering from the aches and pains of yesterday’s ordeal. In the afternoon, being the last (available) weekend, I went out with a couple of friend. One of them called me aside, and with a agitated expression asked if I was OK. Its been a while since most of them saw me (unaware of my involvement with the FLL Programme), and he seemed quite worried by the”smaller” me that he saw me. He was concerned with my appearance, claiming that I had lost too much weight and that I actually looked weak. Truth be told here, I actually DO feel week. Since I came down with the flue, my immunity has been low, and I have been feeling very lethargic and without strength.

Just last week, I was at the pool, and not too long into my swim ( 15 laps later), I took a break, only to feel the whole pool area spinning like crazy.   That is when i knew something was amiss. I have to admit I have been eating badly – poor food choices with smaller quantities. I need to get back on track, especially with fasting not far away. I will need to eat well especially if I want to train during Ramadhan.

This is the last week before Ramadhan, and there is lots to do. I started to intensify my training on Monday. especially because we have a climb this Saturday. My memories of my first climb on Mt. Longonot were not too pleasant (dying would have been easier than climbing) so I need to prep well. 5.25Kms of walking done in 55 minutes. The BurgerFest is on this week (two Burgers for the price of one, this week at most restaurants). So I need to make it to one of these, plus it’s my last week to have my favourite Caramel popcorn. Hopefully on Wednesday after the walk.

I outdid myself at swimming on Tuesday. I swam a distance of 1Km in less than 40 minutes. That’s like 50 laps of the pool. It felt great and I didn’t have any of the dizzying spells as I have now resorted to taking vitamins. I will need the energy for the climb on Saturday. We had a dinner engagement this evening, went to my favourite BBQ joint for a scrumptious dinner.

Happy Madaraka Day!!! On Wednesday, we celebrated 53 years since Kenya attained internal self-rule, before finally being granted independence from British Rule on 12 December. It is a Public Holiday, and we decided to start off the day with a prep walk at Karura Forest for the climb this weekend. We are a group of 6 individuals who are gearing up to climb Mt. Kenya (independently) in December, and this will be the second installment in preparing for it. Did I mention “Summit Seekers” to you before?  Remind me to tell you more about this brainchild of mine – climbing with a cause.

We Started our walk at 8am and were done 10.2Kms later after 4 hours. We had to slow our pace down as there were some individual who had very low levels of fitness. But, they cheerfully made it after a grueling 4 hours, all ready for the Challenge on Saturday!

On Thursday and Friday I fasted. It is recommended to fast the last couple of days leading up to Ramadhan. I only did this because we were told Wednesday evening that the climb had been postponed to Sunday.

I have upped my Vitamin intake this week, and since the Climb has been postponed to Sunday, I shall be playing Tennis on Saturday. I am looking forward by now, to climbing. I know what to expect, so it really can’t be that bad now can it?

Next week we celebrate a New Month with New goals. I shall post my June goals post soon, and a new series, “Ramadhan Diaries” to document my Ramadhan experience.

Wish you all a wonderful weekend.



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