June Goals

Well Hello beautiful People…

Can’t believe the middle of the year is already here. I was meant to do a 6-month review of how this year has been thus far, but I believe it’s not going to happen till July.

The Month of Fasting is upon us and I am trying to focus as much as I can on the Spiritual Goals that I set for myself (check out the “Ramadhan Diaries” series to see how this is going). So, there will be a slightly different set of goals for this month, but nonetheless, still a busy month with lots of things to achieve and look forward to.

Here they are:

June Goals


So that pretty much sums up my month. Plus, we have these interesting events to look forward to:

  • Karura Forest Prep Hike – 1st June
  • Mt. Longonot Climb – 5th June
  • YWSE Dinner & Network Event – 6th June
  • Landmark registration Forum – 11th June
  • Community Charity Drive – 11th June
  • FLL Agent Review – 16th June
  • International Yoga Day – 19th June *
  • Weekly Visits to the Mosque – every Friday**
  • Breaking Fast at the Mosque – every Saturday
  • Upcoming functions at the Mosque – 25th, 27th, 29th June

That’s a busy month right there! Which means you probably have a lot to look forward to. Oh not to mention the numerous blogs I have lined up for this month!

So, wish you all a great and blessed June and may peace and goodwill be upon us all!

* Really looking forward to this.

** For the Congregation Prayers




2 thoughts on “June Goals

  1. Wasalaam dear. I Have read Alchemist before. Very profound. You made me dig it out of my bookshelf and read a few pages…. yes, a very profound book. But “veronika decides to die” did it for me

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  2. Salam dear! Just wanted to let you know that I have read the Alchemist and it is one of my favourite books. And even though I understand you want to delve into spiritual readings this month, I think you will greatly enjoy and benefit spiritually from the Alchemist. It is a short book, so if you can read it, even after Ramadan, you should. It changed my life in many ways 🙂

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