Working Vs Serving… Which is Worth More?

If you have been following my blog for a while, you will know that on the 9th of April, this year, I quit my job. The reasons were simple: I didn’t feel I was getting anywhere with the work I was doing,  and I worked for  a Narcissist (maybe not the two best reasons to walk out of a job, but then, I didn’t say I was perfect).

So, I have been spending my time at home, sending out CVs, but one has to admit, we are not in the best of times, and with the economy in a crunch, jobs -good jobs- are hard to come by.

Let me back it up a little to a conversation I had with my tennis coach (he has these amazing pearls of wisdom that he shares with me after every game). When I spoke to him about this situation, this is what he had to say:  You can pray for “just a job” or you can pray for a job that ” fits your master plan” (he is a firm believer in God and the miracle of Prayers).

That being said, I received a response to my Job Applications from a well renowned company. The pay was good, and they even offered me a better position than I applied for. They were ready to create a position in Finance with Management. According to the Law of Common Sense, I should have jumped for it. Good Pay. Opportunity to train in Finance. The only problem was the location.

The commute to and from work would mean that I would be spending four hours (or more) on the road each day. I would thus have to give up  my health and fitness journey, which I have worked so hard to arrive at. It would  mean having little, if any, time to dedicate to my  voluntary projects which I am passionately involved in. To me, this clearly translated to: NO LIFE  AND NO PURPOSE.

After a lot of introspection, I finally decided to decline the offer. Even though a job did come through, and I did need a source of employment, I had to turn it down.

I received a lot of mixed reactions from my friends and family. Some considered me a fool for throwing away a good opportunity to grow, while others thought I did the right thing by weighing out my priorities.

Which brings me to my question, How much is it worth giving up for?

My Mentor had suggested that I take up the Challenge. Play a larger game. Step out of my comfort zone and take up the job. Everything else would eventually fall in place.

I am not scared of challenges. I just did not see the sense of having to sacrifice all my interests and priorities for someone else’s goals, and letting mine take the back seat.

I understand that everyone needs a source of income to survive, that without money, everything else falls apart, but do I just want a job for the money, or do I want a job that “complements” my lifestyle.

This past week since I declined the offer, I have had a lot of people read me the bible on why it is  important to take up a job (any job) and all the reasons slated for a future no one is certain about. So do I give up what I am capable of doing now, for what may not exist?

Don’t get me wrong. It is never a bad idea to earn a living, and save something for the future. But pray help me understand when someone says, “Work Now, you can look after your health later”.

I have heard about people sacrificing a lot over their Careers; their time, their Health, and some, their dreams. I am not against working. But for me, for now, my health is more important than wealth. And it is important that even though the pay not be as good, I am able to dedicate my time to the things I enjoy doing. Not to say, I don’t aspire to have a fancy home, a car, and all the luxuries money can afford, but I also want to be at peace with self, knowing that I did not give up my passions for somethings that will eventually come. Like it or not, at the end of the day, we all arrive where we are meant to. Some journeys are smoother, and others just take a while longer. But we do eventually get there.

So,  where do you put yourself? Are you someone who works to earn? Or do you work to serve?

Your life will be a blessed and balanced experience if you first honour your identity and priority

Sanmatra Foundation


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