Review: 14 – 2o… Lazy Matters

This past week I have been acquainting myself with a new me: a LAZY version of me, and NO!, I didn’t like her one bit.

It is one thing to give yourself a whole week off from training due too a cold. It is OK, during that time, to lay in bed eating and sleeping. However, it is a whole different thing to let this become a “habit”. So, at the end of the week, I had to literally kick myself out of lazy habit and get myself moving again.Here is how the week went…

Saturday brought in a bright sunny weekend. I had to cancel Tennis due to weakness and spent the morning in bed reading. We got out a bit in the evening for a meal  and some grocery shopping. 80.9Kgs

Being bored and suffering from bedsores, I settled on a Nature Trail on Sunday (hopefully this will kick start my fitness after a week-long absence). We visited The Oloolua Nature Trail, not far from the city. The 5km walk took us just under 2 hours. However, I did feel spent and tired. The rest of the day was spent indoors, in front of the Tele. 80.9Kgs

 I did not workout as hopped on Monday, because I had an interesting meeting to attend. Last Friday, I received a call from The US Embassy in Nairobi, and was asked to see the Director of the American Reference Center, Public Affairs Section. The meeting went well, and I was delegated the task of setting up an outreach programme for the Asian Community in Kenya. Lets see how this goes (excited!).

I spent the afternoon at my ex-job. They are still having a hard time uploading Tax submissions. So I was called in to help them as well as assist the new staff. 80.8Kgs

No workout on Tuesday either (being plain lazy) I went for my Fat Loss review. In spite of all the setbacks that happened during this review period, my agent was kind enough to point out and remind me,  that Weight-Loss is not my main goal. She said that I had started this programme with the aim of treating my Hormone Imbalance, and as long as that was underway, the weight-loss should only be viewed as an added benefit of the process. My losses (in terms of weight loss) are small compared to others who have reported losing up to 4kg and above.  But, at least we are getting somewhere. 80.8Kgs

Due to the heavy rains, I ended up losing all my Contacts on my phone (you may be  wondering what is the connection here between phones and rains, and all I want to say, without recalling the stressful  advent is that it was to do with loss of power, and some Google Server going down in a part of the world). I literally ushered in Wednesday without an Iota of sleep. A perfect excuse to lay in bed at dawn and “catch up” on sleep.  I had a meeting with the infamous Director from the infamous Bank job that we have all been waiting for. He had some good news to relay: We shall know the final fate of the bank next Thursday, 26th of May. However, I was put in a catch 22 situation when the interviewer from last Tuesday called to offer me a position. Do I  want it? (or wait for the bank?). I had less than 24hours to get back to him with an answer.  81.8Kgs

My Thursday session with my Transformation Coach was all about this Catch 22 situation. We took it all out, looking at all that I would have to push to the back burner, but she still advised to take the job. We did a small Tarot (something I was not aware that she indulged in) and the results were not very clear: no matter what I decide to do, I will be OK. I still spent a whole lot of time thinking about this and weighing all the pros and cons.

In the afternoon I met with one of the oldest and most renowned Coffee Merchants in Kenya, to discuss several aspects about the trade. While at the meeting, I could not help go back and forth on the Job Offer. Time was ticking and I only had a few hours to go before I had to respond. I am the most indecisive creature I have ever met. I hate indecision. I guess it stems from having to use the word NO. And i avoid that like the plague.I spent the evening meditating, looking for the best answer. I finally decided.  I was going to decline. (hang on now before you, just like everyone else, have  a go at me for throwing away a reasonably good job offer. I will put the “why” in another post to follow). 81.6Kgs

I woke up on Friday morning with an Iron resolve to workout. Unfortunately it was still raining from the night before. Instead of going back to bed, I waited it out. The minute it stopped raining, I was out the door. I manged a 5KM walk and 20 laps of the pool. But when I got back, all I could think of doing was sleeping, which is how I spent the rest of the day. I hoped that the skies would remain clear so that I could make it to Tennis in the morning. 80.4Kgs

I am terribly sorry that this has indeed been a very lethargic week, with nothing interesting happening. I promise to change that next week, now that I am done with the flue. Look out for the second Re-Creating session that took place on Thursday, and a small insight into why I declined that Job offer.

I have two weeks left to train before we meet Mt. Longonot again on the 4th of June. Stay tuned and have an amazing weekend!


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