Life Coach Series Session 3: Difficult Choices… 3

I went for my second Transformation Coaching session on the 19th of May.

There have been a number of developments since the last session:

  1. Managed to successfully negotiate terms for a job offer, which I ultimately had to decline due to unfavorable pay.
  2. Overwhelming number of new opportunities: The US Embassy Diversity Programme, and another Job Offer.

We took a look at the pros and cons of taking up the new job.

The new Job was in the Finance Department with training in accounts. The Package was good. And I would have received formal training in accounting, which I am lacking.

However, the company was located in the Industrial Area, which meant commuting in traffic would take 2 hours to and another 2 from work. So my day would start at 6.30am on the road and end at 7pm (on a normal day, without factoring rains and riots – the two factors that can turn Nairobi into a Manic Traffic Mess).

With weekend hours going till 1pm, I would in all have to give up, or put on the back burner my fitness, the YWSE, the US Embassy, the Coffee deal that I am working on.

What did I feel like?

Honestly, lost. I felt LOST. I know that work is necessary and it is not wise eating into one’s savings. But my heart was just not resonating with the job. I felt that there was too much at stake here that I was giving up. And at the end of the day, what point is there working at a job leaving me with no time to enjoy the things that I love to do?

The Mentor put my confusions as ease by suggesting that I speak with the Interviewer and ask if the timings are flexible. In which case I could go to work early and leave a little early so that I could get a couple of hours in the evening to pursue what I wanted and plus get the money rolling.

We did a small tarot reading. The outcome was good. The “Wheel of Fortune” Card kept on reappearing: Whatever choice I make, there will be growth.

I was still in a conundrum. Should I decide to take the job, then I would be getting out of my comfort zone and expanding beyond myself. Nothing comes easy and this would not be either, but no one achieves their goal by sitting in their comfort zone waiting for things to magically appear. But what about all the other projects I am involved in?

The take away from this session:

These opportunities are coming my way because people can somehow see the potential in me. I come across as a very powerful personality (to my Mentor and Coach). I do not give myself credit for this and have somehow blocked it. People around me do however see the potential in me, and hence consider me for such challenges (I was selected over a male candidate at this job by the way).

My Homework for this session:

To relax. To go within myself and just relax without stressing over outcomes or decisions.

What is up for the next session:

Keep it locked here to discover how we are going to identify and uncover these blocks.


” Round and round and round she goes, and where she stops, nobody knows.”



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