Review: May 7 – 13… Heavens Break Asunder

I have been robbed of all activity this week, owing to an uninvited cold that settled with me on Sunday evening and has lasted all week. If there is anything that I hate, it’s the Common Cold (or influenza – which is more apt as it influences your life workings leaving you helpless).

The torrential rains of the previous week mellowed down after the disastrous downpour on Saturday evening. Of course tennis was cancelled due to flooding the previous night, but what seemed like a clear sunny Saturday morning, soon turned to disaster when the heavens rent asunder and half of the city was underwater. Just to give you an Idea – cars were swept away, malls were flooded, walls came crashing down. It was absolute mayhem with unaccountable loss to property and people.

Luckily, the rains stopped and we could continue with our plans for Tree Planting on Sunday. Although Karura was still damp from the downpour, we trudged along the way happy to be part of a noble cause. We were done by noon. I could feel my body in aches and pains, indicative symptoms of oncoming illness. I spent the rest of the day hurdled in front of the TV with my book.

I woke up Monday feeling lethargic, but still went for my walk and jog. Soon the sun was up, but I knew I had been taken down by the cold. I slept all afternoon, barely having strength to make it for the YWSE Dinner in the evening, which by the way, was awesome. (Read about it here).

The rains were back on Tuesday morning with even more fervor. I was worse of in terms of my cold and fever. I could barely sit through the job interview in the morning (another dead end). My Spirits were lifted with an amazing meditative Yoga session in the evening.

I will combine my entries for Wednesday and Thursday simply because both days were the same. I spent the majority if them in bed, with a box of tissues curtains draws, book beside and waiting to die. Of course no one dies of a common cold (unless its linked with pneumonia or something more drastic), but that’s how I felt. By the end of Thursday I developed bed sores and was really wishing I could get up and at least go for a walk. But energy was sparse.

TGIF!!! Thank goodness this long drawn out week is over. I woke this Friday morning feeling better but totally week. All I have been doing is gorging liquids and chugging down water. I can’t help but think I will have to probably cancel tennis tomorrow because I’m in no state to play.

I still haven’t seen a period this month. And this is the last I will think about it. The more I stress the more things get worse. With No exercise, my metabolism has really slowed down. It just sucks.

The “winter” has come before its time and we expect temperatures to fall relatively compared to last year. I remember I didn’t even take out my winter coats from the closet, but it feels like I am going to need a lot more that just coats this year round.

For those of you not familiar with Tropical Weather, Nairobi’s winters are at most 11 degrees (still pretty cold for us). Our summers clock in at 28 – 27 degrees (this year we were in the thirties and it was unbearable).

Ah well, I have to gather my strength for next week. Need to be back in shape. Lots of interesting things round the corner. Belt up!

Have an awesome weekend!






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