Review: Apr 30 – May 7… The Long Haul

This was our long Labour Day weekend. With Monday off, there was plenty of time to get things done and out of the way. Big mistake though. With the temperatures dropping, all I remember doing was eating.

Tennis got cancelled on Saturday due to heavy showers Friday night. Most of the city was flooded and it was difficult to get from one place to another. We ended up getting stuck in the downpour that hit us unexpectedly. Glad to have finally make it home safe.

We planned a movie on Sunday. It was terrible. A Bollywood version of a Jackie Chan flick. Somewhere along the middle it felt like a video game where the hero kept going up floors (levels) and wiping up the enemy (single-handedly kicked like so much arse, I was in pain)

Monday being a Public Holiday, I had hoped to sleep in (without guilt) and at most curled up on the sofa with my book. Alas, it wasn’t meant to be so. Instead I went for a crazy hike in the rain, that was more of a punishment then a joy. Click here to read about the hike on Mount Kilimambogo.

I spent the better part of Tuesday nursing my aching muscles from the climb the previous day. Also, strangely enough, my cycle was late. They have been on time like clockwork last couple of months.What could be the problem now! I have already begun to bloat and the scale shifted upwards this morning. Lets wait it out. My Yoga session in the evening was amazing.

I woke up distraught on Wednesday. Still no Period. I am now panicking. The scale is on the upward climb. I am bloated beyond comfort. What is going on? I got a call for a job opportunity and went to meet with them. The meeting went well. The company in is the IT sector, something I am familiar with, and I am required to step into the role of the ex-partner who absconded. So I would have to step in a assume her duties which involved, among other things, account management and Sales. I told them I would get back to them before end of the week with my decision.

I fasted on Thursday. I also had my First Life Coaching Transformation Session with Sippy Chadha. It was amazing. She helped me build up my confidence that will help me negotiate a salary that I am worth at this moment. Let’s see how it goes tomorrow when I meet them to discuss the same.

Highlight for Friday was my Negotiation meeting with the Company that offered me a job. We met at a coffee shop in a mall that was central to both of us. But Just as I was leaving home for the meeting, the rains poured. I managed to make it before the floods. He was however a little late to arrive. Remember I mentioned the “Saying Yes! to Difficult Conversations” resolution this year. Well, this was one of them!  The CEO of the Company and I go back a long way. So, our personal relationship not withstanding, he made an offer that he felt was fair for the company. Of course, I did what I felt was right by me and stood my ground, politely refusing the offer. (Yes, I hear you. Those of you who feel any job is better than sitting at home “doing nothing”). But Nah. I rather do nothing than be allowed to be exploited in the name of work. Not any more.

So, I continue to wait. Patiently. As I do with my Menstrual Cycle, which is more of a concern at the moment for me than a Job!





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