Life Coach Series: Session 2

Back in April, we had the pleasure of hosting Sippy Chadha for our training session. I have mentioned her several times in my blog already, and I have to say, she is amazing.

I met her last month for my complementary introduction session. (Click here to read about it). She asked me to consider walking with her through a 4-week programme, and I decided to do just that.

Today, 5th May, was my Second session. Instead of being a build up from the first, we had to slightly change course a little. I now had a job offer that was in the negotiation stages, and needed to empower myself to be able to secure a better deal for myself.

We began with a brief on the new development. (Being offered a job, without going in search of it). Sippy asked my why I thought this person had actually called me and why he thought I was most suitable to fill in the position of his ex-partner?  To establish this, we worked on my core values.

This is how Sippy (and others) see me as:

  • I.T Business Previous Experience
  • Ambitious
  • Honest
  • Driven
  • Hard Working
  • Charitable
  • Precise Decision Maker
  • Intuitive
  • Courageous
  • Strong

 We then did an Exercise. She handed me three placards labelled “I“, “Younger Self“, “Future Self” which she asked me to place on the floor, starting with “I“.

Where “I” Currently am:

With the current stance in life, I am/feel:

  • Excited for the new prospect
  • Content
  • Lurking
  • Nervous
  • Lost myself in the last 4 years
Where I saw my “Younger Self”

We next placed the “Younger Self” placard on the floor a few spaces in front of “I” . She asked me to step into that space. And imagine a time back in life, when everything seemed perfect. For me, it was when I was 28/29. When my business was beginning to pick up, I was confident in securing clients, pitching new business. I felt like I was heading somewhere in life, I was confident and had control of my life.

What Advice would “My Younger Self” give my “Present Self”: 

“Just go ahead and do your best and the rest will follow”

Where I saw my “Future Self”

Next we proceeded to place the third placard opposite the younger Self Placard. She asked me to envision where I would like to be in the future, at what age, and what I felt as I saw myself having accomplished these things.  I may have been slightly over ambitious here, but hey, if you aim for the stars, at least you might fall on the sky.

  • Home of my own
  • Thriving Business (Social Enterprise)
  • A Child
  • A Charitable Trust (maybe an school for orphans)
  • Be a mentor to others
  • I felt smile from within, content, fulfilled, happy, complete, accomplished

What advice would my “Future Self” give my “Younger Self”:

“Stop being lazy. Stop trying to hide behind fear. Know that you have it in you. If one thing doesn’t work out, something else will”

We then went back to the Values and linked them together. According to her:

  • Being Very Ambitious + Honest + Hardworking already spells the Formula for Success
  • Being Driven + Precise Decision Maker are Male Aspects
  • Being Intuitive + Courageous + Strong are Inner Core Values
  • Feeling Lurking, Nervous and Lost = BULLSHIT!

I possess the best of both worlds, so there is no way I would do anything less than fly.

So, at the end of the session, she gave me two bits of homework. The first was to draw up a vision board with all my dreams and goals outlined. The second was to put myself in a good negotiating position for the meeting tomorrow with my potential hirer.

It was important I put a value to myself in terms of a Job, because the job:

  • Will give me a sense of being/purpose
  • Will bring me out
  • Will open up more opportunities
  • Is a means to finances
  • Give me a chance to grow and learn

At that was the end of the second session.

Afterword: I finished the above draft before my negotiation meeting with my so called potential hirer. I did everything I was meant to and brought everything to the table. However, the hirer only came with an offer of only 20% of what I had in mind. He has asked for time to think about it and get back to me. I am not disappointed. I know my capabilities and where I can take myself. Just need a break! Well, not to lose hope. Miracles do happen!



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