May Goals

April was an exciting month. Quite eventful if I may say so…

I quit my job. I had my First Book Club Meeting. I went to a Life Coach. And a Tarot Card reader (post still pending, I know. I promise to have it up soon). I also managed to get close to the 70’s in my FLL programme.

I can bet you May will be even more exciting. Here is a quick look at my goals for the  month, followed by a list of the exciting things that I have in store for myself:

May Goals


What I have to look forward to this month:

  • Life Coach Transformation 1st Session – 5th May
  • YWSE Dinner Event with Centonomy – 9th May
  • FLL Review – 14th May
  • Start New Job  (IA) – 16th May
  • Life Coach Transformation 2nd Session – 21st May
  • Book Club Meeting (Eat,Pray and Love) – 28th May


Phew! That’s a lot to keep up with. Plus being the Holy Month of Sha’ban, there will be a lot of functions in the mosque. Let’s see how I manage…

Have a wonderful month lovelies…





10 thoughts on “May Goals

  1. You are most welcome my dear traveller. Dont worry about being out of shape… u will eventually get back in.. easy with the wrist though… there are a couple of wrist strengthening exercises online… (yoga based, hence ever so gentle).. check them out.. or ill send u links


  2. you will be alright. you always have been. i need to write one more post about my south adventures then regroup and off again.
    what great timing, your question. two days ago i returned to the gym and tested my wrist. it did not go as bad as i thought it would. that is also the first day i trained both yoga and muay thai. hard work as i am out of shape but i felt good and have decides this is doable.
    yoga is fantastic. been doing it daily since my injury. thanks again for the inspiration.

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  3. Wow… looking forward to hearing about that! Thanks for all your faith in me hun. BtW have been meaning to ask you about your yoga and Muay thai training….still on??


  4. i am certain you will do well. you know what to do already. it is just a matter of following through. am doing okay, thanks. in two weeks time i will head far north for more traveling.

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