Review: Apr 23 – 29… Pitter Patter, Crash and Boom!

It is 3.54 in the afternoon, I figured I would get this week’s review done earlier, since power is unreliable in this weather. There is a thunderstorm outside. I’m at my desk, with a steaming cup of coffee, listening to the torrential rain, gushing water filling the roads as though a dam has burst asunder. Oh, and the thunder. The Pealing thunder. (screams as lightening strikes inches away from her window).

It is wild today. The heavens have let loose, and with the pathetic drainage systems we have, it looks like there is going to be more flooding than there was yesterday. My prayers go out to all those who have to weather the storm, in the literal sense. May everyone get home safe and sound to their families. (Another peal).

The week started with my FIRST Book Club Meeting on Saturday being held at a cozy outdoor restaurant,  Le Palanka. I got to meet some of the Book Club members and our discussion of Leymah Gbowee’s book ensued long into the afternoon. Everyone had such engrossing reviews on the book. We also discussed February’s book and how it has or will impact us this year. We picked a new book for the May reading, and much to my surprise it was my old time favorite, Eat Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert. I’ll take moment here to absorb the bolts of thunder. They are now more frequent and louder and the rain has grown heavier. 81.3Kgs

On Sunday, it was poured all day (but nothing compared to this afternoon). I barely left the confines of my bed, except to get some lunch and then went into the lounge with a cup of coffee, and a blanket and watched back to back series of Shonda Rhimes’s How to Get Away With Murder. 81.8Kgs

Pardon me as I cower in fear from the roar of thunder. It’s getting worse. My fingers are shaking in anticipation of the next crash. This reminds me of a rhyme we has coined back in the days: “Thunder crashed, lightening flashed, the toilet lights went dim. I heard a scream, the a bang…Good Lord! YOU had fallen in” LOL.

It was raining on Monday morning too. But nature was kind enough to present me with a window of opportunity to get out and go about my workout. It was painful. I had adorned new shoes, and just like any new pair of shoes, they need breaking into. I spent the rest of the day sending out resumes and trying to figure out if I really do want to go back to the job scene or work independently on projects.  I started reading Eat Pray Love.  Had to backtrack a little before I could get started though. (click here).  The skies finally held back for Yoga practice to take place. We learnt new poses. Ouch. 81.6Kgs

Wait! Was that my mother screaming?  The river next door has burst it’s banks. No darlings, I don’t live in a village. Our city has been poorly planned. Our building, along with a few others were build alongside Nairobi River. Well, that’s a lie. We live ON the river. Our neighbor’s however have the river passing right through their compound. The river has a metal barrier over it to deter thieves from entering the compound by way of the river. During heavy rains, as is the case this moment, the river over-floods sending the river gushing towards their gate and the main road. This means the road going north is inaccessible now.  BOOM! More thunder

Looking back at Tuesday, I feel a sense of pride for two reasons:   Number Uno: the scale hit 80.8Kgs! Yes… that’s a cause for celebration itself. 2 more weeks to my next review and I’m working towards 78? (OMG that’s unbelievable). Number Two: broke my own personal record of 60 LAPS in 60 Mins in the pool. Well OK maybe 55. I lost count after 50. Surprisingly, it wasn’t labored. I could have gone on, but I was scared my shoulders may come off, so got out of the pool. Great going! 80.8Kgs

I remember going hard with the C25k workout on Wednesday morning. I am still on “Week 2”, but it is getting easier. Around noon, the Yoga instructor called to cancel class. So instead, my friend and I went over t her place to practice.  We had an amazing 1.5 hour session which was totally relaxing. She has a dedicated outhouse converted into a Yoga studio, fully carpeted with handmade artifacts adoring the wall. We got a chance to meet her adorable granddaughter, who is just seven months old. Expected thunderstorms and drizzle indicated that we should leave before we get hit by the rain Thank goodness I made it home in time before the rain came pouring down. 80.7kGS

Speaking of rain, the thunder seems to have subsided. I remember watching a scary movie as a kid, where the kid is asleep and wakes up to the sound of thunder (which indicated the evil character to be approaching). The dad comes in and tells the kid everytime he sees the lighting flash, to start counting “one-one thousand, two-one thousand, three – one thousand…. ” until he hears the thunder. The longer the count, the further away the storm. (something like that). Yes, this afternoon there were a few moments where I didn’t even have a second to count before the thunder struck.

The rain on Wednesday lasted through to Thursday morning. Good thing I was fasting, so I could sleep in. By the close of day, there were reports of flooding in the city. Cars were being swept away. We had power outages several times during the day. There were looming threats of Elnino. We had planned to break fast at a restaurant that is 6 minutes away. It took us close to two hours to get there.  80.5Kgs

It started to rain again this morning.  I had to miss my workout but needed to get out of the house for a breakfast meeting with a negotiation mediator who wants to train the YWSE network. I am enjoying this, “doing of nothing”. I’m meeting people, exchanging ideas, looking at new concepts. It’s exciting. Elizabeth Gilbert puts in perfectly in her book as:

“The beauty of doing nothing is the goal of all your work, the final accomplishment for which you are most highly congratulated” – EPL, EG

It seems the rain will continue throughout the night. Word of a walls collapsing and people dying just came in. This is what the road up from my house looked like after 2 hours of rain


Lets hope there are no more casualties tonight.

As for tomorrow, I don’t think I’ll be playing Tennis as the court will be water logged.

Be safe!





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