Re-Creating Me…

Have you ever come to a point in life where you feel STUCK. Where you have so many options ahead of you, but making a decision is tough and often clouded by self doubt and uncertainty?

If yes, then I definitely recommend you go see a Life Coach.

A Life Coach is someone who, aside from mentoring you or providing you with professional or personal advice, addresses specific issues in your personal or professional life or  relationships by identifying obstacles and challenges and choosing a course of action that will get you where you want your personal/profession life or relationship to be.

If you remember in April, we had  life coach come for a YWSE training. She offered me a free introductory session which I took up on the 15th of April (a week after I quit my job).

Sippy Chadha is a life coach who works with a 4-week personal breakthrough programme that re-invents your life. It helps you discover your own hidden blind spots and obstacles, unleashes your potential to pursue new possibilities and achieve your big dream and goals.

My appointment was scheduled for noon that day, and as usual I rocked up a few minutes earlier. The sight of her house took my breath away, because it was exactly as I had envisioned a future home for myself many years ago –  mostly glass, barely walls.

She arrived shortly and we went off to her “secret” office that was hidden in a corner in her well landscaped garden. The  vibes in the brightly painted room were positive and the room was full of light (wait, that was from the skylight in the ceiling, but nonetheless it helped having natural light in there).

We began with a brief outline of my early life (childhood history, school, professional career). From this she was able to acertain past patterns. (I am very ambitious and jump into things head first – TRUE).

Her mission, should I decide to walk with her during her 4-week programme, would be to totally re-create myself. And what was it that I wanted to create for myself?

We did a basic exercise that covered answering this question, identifying obstacles and sources of help and what were the steps that I needed to take to get there.

What I found to really kick in was that it was literally a walk-through exercise. She handed me four cards “Present“, “Dream Goals”  “Obstacles” and “Sources of Help“.

She asked me to place the first Card, Present, on the floor and state how I felt about my current state in life. (I am content, only not sure about my career/work situation right now – lacking focus and direction in this area).

She then asked me to place the Dream Goals Card slightly away from the first card, had me stand over it and talk about my goals and what I envision for the future. (Financial Stability and Freedom, Recognition, Impact on Society, Adopt a Child at 45, Start a social enterprise or a business that does a lot of charity and helps people).

The third card, Obstacles, she asked me to place in between the other two, depending on where I saw the obstacles (closer to my present state or dreams) and to mention anything that I thought were obstacles.

From the above exercise she derived that my main obstacles were lack of focus and direction. She did deduce that I was inclined to be Boss. I was at a crossroads (there is that word) and at a transitioning phase in my life. My main concerns were, How do I get to where I want to, my loss of self confidence in believing that I can, lack of emotional support, and no mentor or guide in life.

My Sources of Help were limited to the 4-week programme, a close confidante and the YWSE network.

We covered so much in an hour that by the end of it I felt so uplifted and clear about the direction that I wanted my life to take. I am glad I took the time and the chance to go for this introductory session.

If I do decide to go ahead with the 4-week programme, I will document everything that happens in this blog. That would be amazing. The challenge is, I also want to do a Landmark forum in August, and the cost for both these are the same, and without a definite source of income at the moment, I do need to watch the cash flow. However, both are investments in myself, and since one of my goals was to learn a new skill or engage in personal development, they are both on the checklist. I just need some time to think  how to go about it.

Will keep you posted on my decision.

For more information, do check out her website here.



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