Review: Apr 16 -23… Humble Beginnings

The week(end) started off with an amazing session with Sippy Chadha, a transformation life coach, on Saturday morning. We did a couple of exercises that would help her understand my needs better and plan a 4-week programme in May.  I then went to visit a tarot card reader for some insight into my present situation. (I don’t ask about any future events). Both the life coach and tarot reader had one thing in common to say… I am at a crossroads. I shall put up separate blogs on these so keep a look out for them. 81.6Kgs

It seems like food will never leave my side. I had a opportunity to be part of an amazing Sunday Brunch at one of the YWSE Board Member’s house. There was an enormous spread of goodies from pancakes (which I obviously had with nuttella and fresh strawberries – nah couldn’t miss that), Lemon and Poppy Seed Muffins, Baked Eggs and Ava, Toast, Carrot Cake, the list is endless. It was wonderful to meet other people and of course the rest of the board was there, so it was fun catching up. 81.6Kgs

Monday was off on a slow start. I went to the club for my walk, and then spent most of my day indoors looking at vacancies and applying for them. I am also looking at ideas for my own start-up, or maybe even use the time to peruse and MBA in Social Enterprise. It is time for a new start, and I can take this whichever way I want now. Yoga got cancelled because of the rain. 81.7Kgs

I woke up on Tuesday to the pitter-patter of rain. I stayed in long enough to be able to grab a quick bite and head off for my meeting with the Local Director for the Bank Job that I was selected for and an ex-CBK officer who was going to assist us speed up the licensing. Must say, the local director was impressed with my connections. We shall know more about this next week when documents are presented for verification. Again, my Tuesday evening session of Yoga got cancelled. Ah well, time for some R&R. 81.4Kgs

It was raining on Wednesday morning, but I still went out to  workout and I did pretty well. I stayed home most part of the day, sneaking in chocolates (if you wonder where or how I manage to lay hands on chocolates when they are forbidden – don’t, it’s a long story. They just “find” me.) We had a power outage in the afternoon, so instead of cancelling yoga we decided to take it outside. No doubt it is a whole different experience doing Yoga under the Sky. It was off to Mosque in the evening, and no dinner. 81.4Kgs

I think I mentioned this in my last review, but I fast on Thursdays in the Islamic months of Rajab and Shaban. I made the mistake of weighing myself right after closing my fast, and have realized better to do it right when I wake up or a little later in the day. I went for a Job Interview, and hope to know the results next week. Mum and I were off to watch The Jungle Book in 3D and then went to Hashmi, our favorite BBQ joint to open fast. 81.7Kgs

I am officially OLD. I went for my morning swim on Friday morning and it was pretty labored. I managed to put in my 30 laps, but it took me longer (60 mins instead of 30). I just couldn’t move. My chest was heavy and I had no energy. Do you think It was because of the fast? If that is the case, then what is going to happen to me in Ramadhan?  In the past I used to wake up for closing fast, head to the gym soon thereafter for an intense workout, survive my day without dying (feeling thirsty or hungry), play tennis in the evening, all month long. But if this will be case, how will i manage this year? Is body giving up?? Ah well, we shall just have to cross that bridge when we get there. 81.3Kgs

Saturday was a busy day. Since I no longer have to rush to make into work, we now play tennis for 1hr 30 mins. It was a killer. No matter what I have to make sure I get in lots of carbs the night before to fuel for the morning. I forget that on the FLL programme, the level of intensity should be moderate. Sometimes I hit hard and then suffer with aches and pains. I later had my book club meeting to go to, but not before a scrumptious lunch that I thought I deserved.  81.3Kgs

It was a fairly good week. I managed to stay in the 81 zone, which means if I try a little harder, I may just hit my target for the month!

I bought a pair of DENIM DUNGAREES, something I’ve always wanted. They were on sale and I got them at a real bargain. However, the catch is they are a two sizes smaller.

So there is my motivation right there people!!!

Let’s do this!!


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