Review: Apr 9 – 16… I Quit

Although last Saturday started off on a good note, the after events were awful. I walked out on my Job. I will dedicate a whole post to it, as I need to process it and get it out of the way. Anyway, two years in, and nothing to show for it. But, it’s OK. Sh*t happens!

Obviously I wasn’t in the mood to go for my FLL review, so I cancelled that. Braved myself and showed up for the YWSE Board meeting. I shall forever remain grateful to my friend for getting me involved in a network with such warm, and supportive women. Not one of them questioned or showed surprise at my decision. Instead they were all proud of my decision and thought I did the right thing. In my own way, I THANK each and every one of them. Of course  the food at the venue helped too. We were at the River Cafe with beautiful ambiance, and I ate till I burried the anger and guilt, and every other emotions associated with the experience. The Blue Cheese Beef burger was nothing to write home about. But the Chocolate Brioche with Vanilla Ice-cream….ammmmmmazing! 81.6Kgs

It was a  sombre Sunday. I think Yoga must be helping a lot because I was neither distraught nor upset. I was calm processing my feeling and thoughts, and again food helped. . I let myself feed off the negativity. Tomorrow will be a new start. 82.0Kgs

Monday morning, my alarm goes off as usual at 4.40am. I woke up, but didn’t think I was prepared to face the world. You know how it its sometimes. You feel like you have a huge sign on your forehead that tells everyone what just happened, and you feel that everyone will judge you because of it, regardless of whether they know you or not. So I decide to sleep in a little, till the stigma/sign faded. Being home feels good. I have to work on my CV and update it.But not today. Yoga calling…need to rush.  82.0Kgs

Yesterday’s yoga was a blessing. It released all negativity and  I woke up feeling more positive. it’s Tuesday. What shall I do with myself? I Went for my morning jog which was difficult. I came back and made a forbidden breakfast (egg on toast). It’s ok, I need it. In the afternoon I went for my FLL review. I bumped into a lost soul and instantly picked up on her negative energy. The review went well. Was honest that I  had been binging since Saturday, hence the culminated weight increase (i did hit 81.4). Anyway, she was sympathetic and we agreed damage control should be in place ASAP. My Yoga session in the evening was amazing (supernatural actually). My yogi picked up on the negativity and helped clear it away. 82.4Kgs

Undecided, on Wednesday I decided to hit the track. I walked on legs that felt lifeless.  I barely managed a Jog for 500meters, skipped out of practice, but succeeded in attaining the wall dog pose . I started job hunting after  turning out an excellent (by me) cover letter. I worked on the YWSE trainer profiles and in the evening went for another painful yoga session…word of advice from the instructor: on days you have yoga don’t anything else. If only she knew i did yoga 3 times a week, and skipping 3 mornings is unheard of. 81.5Kgs

I decided to fast on Thursday. Being the first Thursday of Rajab (seventh month in the Islamic Calander, and one of the four sacred months in Islam). I also went to meet my twin (we go back to high school and also share the same birth date, although she is three years my senior). We spent the day at a local shopping joint. It was a bad decision to fast today because I couldn’t get anything in my mouth and she felt awkward eating on her own. Anyhow, it turned out to be a day well spent. In the evening, after breaking fast I treated myself to some Ice cream and then hit the sack like a dead man. 82.5Kgs

I didn’t go swimming on Friday as early as I usually do. I had some errands to sun, so decided to head to the pool later for a long, relaxing soak. I may have over-relaxed myself because come afternoon I could barely keep my eyes open. I took an afternoon siesta (something I haven’t done in a long time, and actually miss, but do not want to get into the habit of) and woke up in the evening fresh as a daisy! As usual, in the evening I went out for dinner with my friends. I have to accept and admit, I have let go of my programme, but I’m not going to be harsh on myself. I know sub-consciously my mind, body and emotions are still processing the recent turn of events and it will take a while to sink in, so I am just letting be. Of course I am exercising caution. 82.0Kgs

Tennis this Morning was relaxing. I was lazy and the coach did point out I’m no longer losing weight. Whatever!  We incorporated Volleying into normal play, and that was fun.

Well people, interesting Saturday and Sunday planned.This afternoon,  I’m off to see the Life Coach Sippy Chadha who offered a free consultation and then later to see (Ssssshhhhh…..!) a Tarot Card Reader!

Tomorrow I have brunch with the Board…. more food!  Life can’t get any better!

Keep it here for the next Update!

Have a great Weekend everyone!


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