FLL Update: March 2016

This review was late. And it offset future reviews. We shall be doing next review mid of May. So my next review will be April-May, May-June, and so forth.

I did fairly well in March. If it wasn’t for the yoyo-ing. However, by the time I did the review, It was mid April and I had just quit my job the Saturday before the review, and everything just got messed up.

But nonetheless, I managed to  move out of the 83 zone and did hit 81.4Kgs. But at the time of the review (12th April, 2016) the stats were as follows:


Other stats are:

Starting Weight (1/3/2016): 83Kgs

Ending Weight (12/4/2016): 82.4Kgs

Lowest Weight: 81.4Kgs

Monthly Weightloss: 600gms

Total Weightloss: (Dec – April 12 )  8.7kgs

 Aims for Next Review (14 May, 2016) :

  1. Move into the 80.0Kgs Zone
  2. BMI to 30
  3. Skeletal Muscle up to 33

Let’s do this!




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