Review: Apr 2 -9… Wet and Wild Week

 It was a wet week that stared off with a cold grey and wet weekend.

I made a mess of things this weekend, and it just has to stop. Self-sabotage will get me no where. I am 2kgs short of meeting my March target, and if only (If Only!) I had stuck to this programme with more mindfulness, I would have been there already and not wasting my time  yo-yoing up and down the scale.

 Now, it’s a DO or GIVE UP AND SHUT UP ABOUT IT deal. Starting April – up until JUNE – it’s not just the 2kgs but 10KGS more. Which will bring the total weight loss to 20 KGS. So 12kgs in 12 weeks… (with this rain to hinder my workouts!)… lets do This!

 Saturday, since tennis was cancelled, I decided to make up for it by eating a rich Pakistani dish for lunch known as Nihari (a stew consisting of slow-cooked beef shank, lamb and mutton along with bone marrow, garnished to taste).  Was not all that bad. Took the rest away for  lunch tomorrow.

 I couldn’t make it for the Book club meeting, so I made up for that by having a Chocolate Brownie with Earl Grey in the evening.  To compensate for my earlier mess, I ate a tub of caramelized popcorn at the movies. Wow…. I’m smart. 82.5Kgs

 Sunday was the perfect weather to stay in bed. And that is what I did – with no electricity to make it even more “boring/somber/gloomy”. Typical when it rains, some substation somewhere loses power and  engulfs us in…..boredom. No charge no WiFi, cold, just stayed in bed all day long. Evening dinner – Onion Dosa (a fermented crepe made from rice batter and black lentils) 82.7Kgs

 I didn’t want to bother looking at the scale Monday morning , but I had to in order to take account. My reaction – Fuckit! I was off, and back in bed to catch an extra hour of sleep  since it was raining and going to the club was out of the question. Maybe I should jog in the rain… what is the worse that could happen? Get sick? Will give It a thought.  I did discover I have enough “space” in my room to skip – so next time I can’t take it outside, I shall skip it! And NO,  I do not care, what the neighbours below will think of the thumping on their ceiling. They should be awake at the crack of dawn like I am and do something with themselves. At least I am guaranteed of a soft landing if I do come through the ceiling. Maybe I should get a tutu and wear it while skipping just for the added dramatization in case of a fall – if and when it does happen (boy am I laughing just imagining this!)

I behaved well at the evening YWSE Dinner. I didn’t binge on the potatoe kebabs and stuck to vegetarian- spinach and corn. Because of the heavy rains everything was delayed. The speaker who was to arrive by 7pm got to the venue by 8.30pm. But it was worth the wait. It is always inspiring to hear their stories of “How She Does It”. In spite of all the odds, they manage to rise and get to where they are. Anyway, the Dinner ended close to 11pm and I just got home before the rains started again. 83.0Kgs

It was raining when I woke up on Tuesday. I was startled to note that the scale was up despite being cautious on my food choices. Nonetheless I stuck to my guns and well, the eating plan. I had a great yoga session in the evening, which I felt compesated for the lack of activity yesterday. 83.5Kgs

A wet Wednesday greeted me when I woke up, so I just curled up and went right back to sleep. I was relieved to notice a downward movement in the scales. Miracles do happen and we lose 1.8kgs overnight. It rained most part of the day, and Yoga got cancelled in the evening. I later met up with a friend for coffee and , oh no! Tiramisu (I only ate 2 spoons – I swear!) 81.7Kgs

Well, the imaginable happened on Thursday. Scale was up again. It was raining, but the temperatures were low. The air was cool, and my bed kept enticing me to step in and sleep a little longer! But no. I would not have any of it. I was determined to do something today, and with an iron resolve I went for a swim. Yes, in freezing temperatures. But I didn’t have a choice. It was either death by frozen water or nothing at all. Well, I didn’t die, because I am here writing this  post. It was well worth it. 30 laps in! 82.3Kgs

TGIF!! I have been waiting for this week to end like nobody’s business. It was a much warmer day today, and the sun was out. I should have swam today instead. But alas! I did my 5km of HIIT walking (walk and jog intervals) Skipped (out of practice now) and Practiced some Pranayams. 81.9Kgs.

It was unnecessarily hot again last night. Unnecessary because it has been so nice and cool last couple of nights, it was hard falling asleep in the stuffy heat. Good thing though, it did not rain, and I was thankfully allowed to play Tennis. It was smashing!  I played well, and I even fell down well. Yes, you read right. I had my first fall on the court. It was hilarious, especially watching the coach try to keep a straight face. 81.6Kgs

Well, I have a lot scheduled in for today. Am heading for my March FLL review and then straight to our YWSE Board meeting. It’s at this beautiful cafe that I have been planning to visit at Karura Forest – River Cafe. Will update you all about my weekend next week.

Till then have a smashing weekend and keep smiling!


2 thoughts on “Review: Apr 2 -9… Wet and Wild Week

  1. Sorry to hear about the setbacks and the lack of cooperation from the weather! Good on you for getting right back on the horse and finding moments of humour and things to be proud of anyway! Remind me to talk to you about “tapas” next time we chat 🙂

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