YWSE April Dinner: Emotional Intelligence & VaVa…

Our YWSE April Dinner was held on Monday the 4th and we had a Life Coach and transformational Speaker, Sippy Chadha to speak to us about Emotional Intelligence – The Pathway to Success.

She started off by defining Emotional Intelligence: the state of being aware of our emotions, whether they are positive or negative.

She then went on to define Who We Are separating the soul (intellect, mind and personality) from the Body (physical realm) claiming that we are all souls taking on a body.

Being Enlightened

Sippy mentioned that our emotions are in a constant loop and we must all aim to be Enlightened – which is basically a state of balance between both extremes. This state of balance can be achieved through meditation, contemplation, and being in a constant state of “mind over matter”.


From 3RD to 5TH Dimension

Many of us have a Life or Dream goal that we wish to reach. However, although we start off in the right direction each day, working towards these goals, we get side-tracked by emotions, negativity, stress, low self-esteem, etc and are back where we started. This is usually because we are in a state of “Conscious Sleep”  – where we choose to have no awareness of where we are or what our emotional state is.

The 3rd Dimension is a state where we all chose to be Victims. Where we are consciously asleep and are therefore ruled and overcome by our negative emotions and feelings of hopelessness.

When we realize and acknowledge or become aware of these emotions and we start to process them, we enter the 4th Dimension.

Once we have processed these emotion and are now no longer Victims, we arrive at the 5th Dimension. Where one experiences joy, freedom and full satisfaction of the present.


In the second half of her training, Sippy spoke of the Swiss Programme Process work. This was an interactive segment where volunteers were asked to come and share a negative aspect currently in their life. They were then asked to express the same with a hand gesture or movement. Sippy then asked the volunteers to keep repeating the hand movement and “listen” for the solution that would help or prompt them out of their negative situation.

For Instance,  I have anxiety with my job. I am not very happy where I am in my Career. The hand movement I came up with was a tumble role, which translated to “shift”. So I must shift myself out of my current situation. Change paths….


The “Crossing over Realms” and “Self Actualization” exercises that we did were also helpful in assessing how we feel about each area of our life.

It would be wonderful to learn more about Emotional Intelligence and how to tap into the benefits of it. Sippy does private sessions as well where she works to eliminate blocks and attune one to being Emotionally Aware. I might just pop by to go see her and she what she has to say about me.

A word on the “How she does it” Dinner with Vava Agwenyi

Vava founded Vava Coffee in 2009, a social enterprise aimed at bettering and creating sustainable livelihoods for the coffee farmers. Vava Coffee has risen to be a globally recognized brand not only for its premium quality but also the impact it makes socially. Vava intrigued us with her stories on how she started up, the challenges she faced and her advice about creating a physical and, more importantly, a virtual support system, and how she kept marching forward with a #boldandbadass attitude.  She spoke about her sources of inspiration, which were mainly authors who wrote about similar situations she found herself in while struggling with the start up. A few recommendations were:

  • Display of Power: How FUBU Changed A World of Fashion, Branding, and Lifestyle  – by Daymond John
  • Getting There: A Book of Mentors – By Gillian Zoe Segal
  • Steve Jobs – by Walter Isaacson
  • Books By Body Shop Founder Anita Roddick
  • Stirring it Up: How to Make Money and Save the World – by Gary Hirshberg
  • Books by Richard Branson
  • For Better of for Work: A Survival Guide for Entrepreneurs and Their Families – by Meg Cadoux Hirshberg
  • Creating a Cash Cow in Kenya: Adventures in Starting Social Business and Living in Africa – by Nat Robinson

2 thoughts on “YWSE April Dinner: Emotional Intelligence & VaVa…

  1. Such fascinating information about emotional intelligence! I love that Sippy had you tap into the solution by getting the problem out of your mind and into your body! Would love to hear about your experience with her if you choose to do a session!

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