Review: Mar 29 – Apr 2… The Rains Finally Arrive

I honestly thought four days off for Easter and I would get ONE single day of complete rest. But alas, It has been a long, hot and eventful weekend that left me lethargic at the end of it all. This week if you notice, I have managed to keep up the downward trend in the weightless. I am determined to fight it our of the 80 by end of the month.

 I decided to start of the week easy. I wasn’t able to catch up on any sleep since it was too hot, even at night in spite of a fan to sleep.  So, I decided to take it easy on Tuesday and catch up on some much needed Z’s.  82.0Kgs

I went for my workout on Wednesday. It was painful. Plus one of the ladies on the track grabbed hold of my arm and paced me a whole (well three-quarters) of a lap. I felt like my soul had left my body – No. I don’t mean I felt so light and free, I felt like I just DIED! But what she said later sunk home. She said she has been watching me on the track and she “knows” I can “Run” that I just need to keep practicing and keep at it. YES I CAN (god I so want to, that It’s not a choice anymore, it’s a DO or DIE TRYING thing for me now!)

 Yoga was interesting in the evening. She made us do warrior and Cobra variations during the sun salutations and It was crazy. In a good way. Heart rates were flaring, sweat was dripping, It was surreal.  82.3Kgs

 Thursday was cooler.  The pool was cooler than usual and there was a cold wind blowing. I managed to get in 30 laps before the water became really cold and there were signs of rainfall. The rain held off till late at night when the heavens burst asunder with a downpour that caused flooding in many areas. But thankfully he rain brought with it a cooler night, and loss of electricity for the night. Surely enough the heavens opened at night at it poured till morning. 81.5Kgs

 I woke up, next morning, to cooler temps, and still no electricity. I decided to skip my Friday workout and stay indoors. I managed 30 minutes of yoga, focusing on working on the “Crow” there was a bit of success where I could tilt forward and lift one foot off the floor, but not for more than 1 second. My mentor is helping me work on it, and I am sure we shall soon get there. ( :0 ).

 A dinner date with friends was marred by the terrible food served at a very up-market restaurant. It is the second time that I was visiting the premises, and it was sad to note that even after a whole year, the food was just as bad. I ordered Spanish Grilled Fish,  which was a concoction of sorts – Grilled snapper on a bed of spicy braised potatoes served with tomato and crab meat sauce and garden salad – the food failed to appease my taste buds. There was either too much going on, or nothing at all. But the company was great so that made up for the food. 81.5Kgs

 We were yet again blessed with rain in the evening that lasted all through the night. As a result, tennis this Saturday morning was cancelled. I hate when that happens, because I plan my food for dinner on Friday in the anticipation that I am going to burn a small portion of it the next morning. But, three things no man can control birth, marriage and rain!

 I have an interesting event to attend this afternoon – My first Book Club meeting. We are going to be discussing February’s Book, “Year of Yes by Shonda Rhimes” and partial discussion of our March/April book “Mighty Be our Powers by Leymah Gbowee” (amazing read so far).

 I’ll tell you about that next week. Have yourselves a super weekend!!! Brrrrrrr…’s cold!


2 thoughts on “Review: Mar 29 – Apr 2… The Rains Finally Arrive

  1. Will soon be in the same boat if the rains contiune well into the morning. I have vouched not to go back to the gym till ive reached my target. But i keep sabotaging myself with chocolate


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