Review: March 25 – 28: Easter Birthday…

Finally, the long awaited Easter break arrived. Something I have been looking forward to for a long time. I had only one agenda for spending the four-day long holiday: SLEEP! But alas, at the end of it I believe I did more than my fair share.

We broke for the holiday on Thursday evening, closing a little later than normal. By the time I left work for home the holiday traffic had built up. I spent an hour on an otherwise 10-minute commute in the sweltering heat. When I got home, I was fatigued and dehydrated. Plans to go out for dinner with mum were marred! 81.8Kgs

I woke up on Friday feeling even more lethargic. Temperatures had crossed 30 degrees and there was no sign of breeze anywhere. I decided to do my good deed for the day and head to the mosque for prayers. It felt like a dessert. Again, all plans for lunch and dinner was cancelled. We ordered in  (KFC Wings) and watched tele all day long. 81.4Kgs

I garnered some strength to make it for tennis at 7.30 am on Saturday. Thank goodness it was much cooler and we played for 1.5hrs. Unfortunately I left the “dampener” on the racket and it was a task playing with it. Mum and I spent the day at a local mall we had not visited in a while, shopped and headed home in the evening. Lunch included Turkey with roast potatoes and garden salad. 82.3Kg

On Sunday an impromptu visit to Karura Forest at the crack of dawn marked the day. We were at the trek at 6.45 am and completed around 20kms within 3hours. There was hardly anyone there. The place was serene and cool as the trees provided perfect shade from the sun. We met a black mamba in the forest. I felt my soul leave my body when it almost got me. But we made our way around it and ran, never to look back.



I got home by 1pm to find a bucket of KFC Wings (third time this weekend) awaiting for me. I devoured my share and slept till the evening. Dinner was a treat from a friend. Jasmine Rice with Chicken Pineapple and a forbidden slice of blueberry Cheesecake.

Aaaaannndddd….. it’s Happy Birthday Monday!!! Overwhelmed by the countless messages that pored in via social media.. The glorious Sun came out to celebrate with me. It was H.O.T! Mum and I went to a newly opened mall in Karen – an affluent suburb south west of the city center, named after Karen Blixen, the Danish author of the colonial memoir Out of Africa (her farm occupied the land where the suburb now stands). We then went for lunch at Dari,  a much acclaimed restaurant in the area. They must have been understaffed, because the scrumptious lunch took 3 hours from ordering to serving. In other words, service was slow and the heat was terrible. We decided to head on home and relax for the rest of the evening.


 It was a day well spent, and a long weekend full of activity. I look forward to the next one with just as much zeal, but I promise to sleep more!

Hope you all had a wonderful Easter! How about you tell me about it…




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