Reveiw: March 19 -24…The Heat is On

Seriously, the picture below clearly defines what it feels like to live in my city at the moment:


Nairobi hosts a sub-tropical climate with temperatures averaging 19 degrees Celsius, with summers not exceeding 23 degrees. Over these past few days, we have seen temperatures soar all the way to 30 degrees. We have never experienced such temperatures before and it feels like everything is under meltdown!

We limited our outings over the weekend and preferred to stick indoors. On Saturday after a fairly simple meal (grilled chicken wings and salad), I treated myself to a long overdue pedicure. We were home until evening where we locked ourselves up for 3 hours in an air-conditioned theater for the latest Bollywood flick. Since I had “behaved”over lunch I allowed myself a mini tub of Caramel Popcorn. 82.5Kg

I have no memories of Sunday. It was so damn hot I woke up feeling like I had just gone through an oven. I remember chugging water throughout the day as though it was going out of fashion. Again, I made “well informed” choices for lunch (Grilled Chicken and Slaw) and Dinner (omelette) today. It is difficult to eat in this heat. We had a successful Editorial meeting in the evening. I routed the idea for redesigning the logo and it went down well with the rest of the team. Something to keep me busy during the week. 82.6Kg

I have been unable to sleep at night. Everything is so hot! So I staggered out of bed on Monday and attempted Week 2 Day 1 workout on C25K. I managed. Thank God it was only 6 rounds of jogging (I remember sprinting one round, and jogging alongside another runner for 250 meters, and if I’m not mistaken, he was pacing me… (wow… interesting, must look into this soon). Yoga was cancelled. The Instructor developed an eye infection in her recently operated eye due to the heat. 82.4Kg

Another sleepless night. Temperatures were close to 19 degrees at night and there was no wind blowing in from the open windows. The Sun was up bright and early on Tuesday morning. I was in no position to run due to lack of sleep the previous night, so opted to brisk-walk 3kms and then do some yoga stretches. Water was the norm of the day. I have upped my intake to 3.2 ltrs throughout the day. 82.0Kg

I took a break on Wednesday morning. I don’t remember getting an iota of sleep until dawn when temperatures seemed cooler. But guess what! I am out of the 82 range and down to the 81’s!  I treated myself for this achievement and munched on a Snickers for breakfast (bad, I know!). Unfortunately, Yoga didn’t happen again today. But I managed to practice a few poses at home on my own. I broke into some mean sweat! (can’t say whether it was me or just the weather). 81.8Kg

And its Thursday. I took to mum’s suggestion of installing a fan in my room, but that did not help much as all it did was blow warm air across the room. Weight still at 81.8kgs when I checked this morning. I caught up on training with swimming 40 laps of the pool (i felt like dying). As I write this, we are at 30degrees! I have no idea what the rest of the day will hold. 81.8Kg

We break for Easter today,  and this will be my last post until we return back from the long weekend. I plan to sleep it out…

The logo redesign, if I may say so myself, turned out fantastic. We are awaiting feed back from the rest of the team to finalize on the same.



So, wish you all a Happy Easter. Don’t eat all the Chocolate eggs… Wait who am I to say that..I’ve already started…. ha ha ha!



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