Review: Mar 12 – 19… As you Sow…

My City has been engulfed by a heat wave. Temperatures are soaring and there are warnings being issued about staying indoors and avoiding unnecessary travel.

I couldn’t have agreed more with mum when she decided to stay indoors on Saturday (82.0Kgs) and Sunday (82.6Kg). The heat was sweltering and I just went through a…. (I can’t think of an adjective to describe it… something that is bad, painful but you know its going to be better this way kind of thing) experience and I was at an all time low. So, I succumbed to a “healthy” bout of emotional eating. But nonetheless, damage was done.

I stayed home on Monday. I guess the events of the weekend were still weighing down on me emotionally. So i decided to stay home and sleep. And no, I did not binge either. I however did look forward to my Yoga class in the evening. I gave it my all. I went in weighed down, emotional and negative, but walked out feeling calmer, more composed and relaxed. My eating was on par. Cannot afford any more mistakes. 82.7kg

I walked on Tuesday. Did not Jog. Took it easy. I have no recollection of the day as I fought waves of nostalgia. I must have drunk more that 2 liters of water before lunch time. Whatever it takes to get this out of my system. I still ate healthy. 82.6kg

It is Wednesday, and I am supposed to be hitting Phase II (jog 1.5 mins -walk 2mins) on the C25K programme this week, but I decided to continue with Week 1 until I can run without panting for 1 whole minute. I was happy to see that I had made progress. I can manage to complete all 8 rounds without dying. Yoga was a killer in the evening. We incorporated variations into our Sun Salutations. I died laughing at the level of difficutly and how I could somehow manage to stay alive through them. Maybe I should just stick to Purist Yoga rather than venture into something else for the time being. I felt much lighter, though. Must be the emotional weight falling off. 82.8Kg

Thursday’s are my new Fridays! Why? Because I look forward to hitting the pool and relaxing all my muscles. The sun was up early, so by the time I entered the pool the water was cooler than normal. I managed to push myself to 40 laps, but at a slower pace. So, I swam for longer and took a couple of breaks in the middle. In the evening, I met up with my accountability buddy and my dear friend Faith. We catch up once in three months. She is the one who encouraged me to go for the FLL programme. She seems to be doing well. It was a pre-birthday celebratory dinner, but I stuck to my commitment and just ordered a plate of grilled wings (5 pcs) with guacamole and a side of salad. It was an evening well spent with good company, good food, gifts being exchanged and compliments at bay. 82.3Kgs

 I could not bother going to the club on Friday. So I stayed home, did a few stretches, cooked myself an amazing omellete for breakfast and was off to work. Again, I kept temptations at bay and stuck to eating healthy throughout the day. It was a quiet day, that ended just as quietly. 82.3Kgs

 I loved Tennis on Saturday. I learned to Volley (hurt my eye in the process) but the coach was impressed! He said he can see that I am now confident in playing. And that I look good! LOL! He is a man of very few words, and for him to dish out such compliments, I must have really earned them. However, because I have quit all strength training, I am lacking “power”. My wrists are weak and there are is no “thrust” in my shots (as he puts it). Anyone know any way I can work on my strength without hitting the weights for now? will appreciate any suggestions. I am a bit disappointed though, with the weight. In spite of sticking to healthy choices, it still refuses to budge. Ah well, we just have to keep at it.

So, here is to an amazing (albeit hot) weekend. I’ll stick to healthy choices when I celebrate my wins for the week, and you make sure you keep yourself hydrated! Ciao…



2 thoughts on “Review: Mar 12 – 19… As you Sow…

  1. In terms of strength training without weights, try a short plank variations yoga practice every day (with one rest day). Start in downward facing dog, move to plank (hold for three breaths), come into side plank on one hand (hold for two breaths), then the other side. Move through vinyasa (down dog, plank, cobra, downward dog). Repeat 3-5 times, and see if you can increase the number of breaths you hold the pose for. Make sure to do some wrist stretching as well to reverse the stress placed on the wrists in this practice. Warmest wishes ❤

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