When life gives you lemons…

… do a Hand Stand!

Yup! that’s right!

You are probably thinking that I’ve lost it, and I probably have. Or did. A few days ago.

 The week gone by was terrible. I got thrown out of a two year nightmare by surprise (more about that later) and I have been having a hard time dealing with the reality that I am no longer part of an emotionally abusive relationship (the things we get addicted to!).

 But I have said this before; I dealt with the trauma differently. Of course I succumbed to self-sabotage. However, when I was overcome with emotional breakdown, I remembered to breathe. When I realised I had binged on all the wrong foods, I remembered to breathe.  When I saw the scale shoot up, yes you got it, I remembered to breathe.

 All thanks to Yoga!

 I have never looked forward to a Yoga class like I did on Monday evening. I was fast forwarding the class in my mind so that I could get to the end where we all sit tall on our mats, with our eyes closed, and as per on cue, we “exhale all our negativity, misunderstandings, emotions”. I waited to exhale him “out”. For Good.

The class on Wednesday evening was just as crazy on a different scale. We introduced variations to our Sun Salutations. And OMG! They were a killer! I did not know whether to laugh at the new contortions my body was learning to make or cry over the events that took place early in the week, so I did both. I think I must have even cussed to myself at some point. The variations were hard. But that is not to say I did not enjoy them and they distracted me from my otherwise mangled emotional state.

 I keep reading on Yoga, finding articles that will further my interest in it. (Something you should know about me: I am very impatient with myself. When I embark on something, I need to see results immediately or else I begin to lose interest). For someone like me, Yoga was always an “activity” to supplement my existing high intensity workouts. I am always looking for something more challenging to do, and I always thought Yoga could provide this challenge. Where holding to perfection the most simplest of poses has proven challenging already, I have to admit that it is rather slow paced for me. (Not negating the spiritual and emotional calmness that has overcome me that is helping me in other areas in my life, such as coping with this incident that took place, for instance).

My interest in Yoga has intensified further by reading about the various “hybrid” forms of Yoga coming up. There is a large shift from the Purist form of Yoga to cater for people who are looking to incorporate Yoga into high impact activities. Here are just a few examples of the upcoming forms of fusion yoga:

 Rage Yoga: 

Studio owner, Lindsay Istace, came up with the concept after she felt out of place in a regular Yoga Class. Rage Yoga involves SWEARING instead of “Zenning” as a way of meditation. According to her, this created a perfect mind-body connection for her and she defends the concept by saying that according to science swearing gives you more tolerance to pain. She also believes that, “on and off the mat, Rage Yoga is an attitude…Centered, confident and giving zero f***s.

 Warrior Sculpt

 This is a class that incorporates Yoga, Cardio and Strength training in a heated room. The sequences flow smoothly into each other and guarantee to not only De-stress your mind, but your body as well. (Sounds interesting and I would definitely not mind giving this a shot).


 Coach Kancho Cameron Shayne is the mastermind behind Budokon, “Way of the Spiritual Warrior”. It combines Yoga, Martial Arts and Life Coaching. He teaches out of the Budokon®University which he founded, and believes that,The way we do anything is the way we do everything” (Now we are talking. This is more my kind of thing. I wonder if he has online courses).

 With all these variations in Yoga, I only grow more impatient. I would like to fully transcend into the purist Yoga first before I delve into something more challenging. And now with the negative force of a ruinous relationship behind me, I plan to focus all my energy into giving and receiving the most from Yoga.

 Lesson to learn, not everything in life should bring you down. Use failure as a tool to gain success elsewhere. And as a wise friend once said, “when you come to the end of a book, you close it”, so too have I closed that chapter in my life.

 On to more interesting things in life… what say!



7 thoughts on “When life gives you lemons…

  1. You are welcome. Yes, see what suits you. There is a whole bunch of fusion Yoga going on now – aquayoga (in the water), aeroyoga ( arobics and Yoga), arieal Yoga (suspended from tx bands), and something that even combines Pilates and Yoga (its hard to recall the name ‘coz I cant pronounce it – I think its yogalattes). And then there is Bikram Yoga ( hot yoga). Check around. Am sure you will find these being offered in a Studio near you! 🙂


  2. Thank you my dear for your well wishes. Yes, you make sense there. No matter how far one comes, there is always “more” to acquire, do, claim, become. I have realised that If I focus on what I am doing and not what I should or “can” do, then I receive the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual wholeness during my Yoga classes. I appreciate your kind words. And, I do not see it as suffering. Nothing in life is a mistake. Only lessons….some of us are slow learners…lol 😉

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  3. Sorry to hear about your suffering! I truly admire your motivation to push forward! If Rage Yoga speaks to you, I say just go for it. There is no real “end” in purist Yoga. Even when you learn to execute Handstand, Scorpion, Fallen Angel, whatever is the toughest pose you can think of, you will still feel like you have a long way to go. You might as well craft your practice to work for you and help you achieve the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual wholeness you are looking for. Wishing you a smooth and healthy transition, as well as health and happiness ❤


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