Review: March 5 – 12… Of Sticking with things

This was an eventful week. There was a lot happening towards the beginning but I managed to stick to my resolve of remaining true to myself and the Programme!

The week started with a positive consultation with the FLL Agent (sorry, but my week starts on Saturdays). I have now OFFICIALLY moved from the “overfat” zone into the “healthy” zone. My body fat percentage is now at 31.2% and muscles at 32%. (Not much muscle gain as I am not doing any form of strength training). Things were not so bad after all. Instead of celebrating by enjoying a delicious meal, I made a healthy choice at the same awesome Japanese Restaurant we visited,  bearing in mind portions and quality (remember, less is always more!). 82.8KG

The weather was perfect just to stay indoors on Sunday, which is what I did. I managed to get copies of Shonda Rhimes’ “How to get away with Murder” and was basically glued to the television. In the evening I attended an Editorial Meeting. We managed to set milestones and brainstorm ideas. The committee accepted my idea for the layout and now I’ll be collaborating with the designer to set it up. I Cannot wait for this to come to life! 82.5KG

My most “unhealthiest” meals over the weekend were a London Dairy LITE Ice cream Bar on Saturday and a couple of spoonfuls of Biriyani on Sunday. But I promised to be disciplined, and it was exactly what I was come Monday. I started (for the nth time) a running programme – C25k. It helps build endurance for running. I have never been able to stick with it for more than 2 days, but this time, I pushed myself. In the evening I had the YWSE dinner event. Both the trainer and speaker were amazing and  I  only ate a spoonful of the Indian Curry and Bread. 82.5KG

I took a break on Tuesday due to the late night on Monday. I stayed home and practiced some Yoga that I had missed out on the previous evening. Food was on point! 82.3KG

Wednesday was second day of C25k and I made it without dying. The weather was lousy. It’s what I call “sporadic rain” season and we were surprised with a heavy  downfall close to 5pm. Yoga got cancelled, so that is a whole week without any Yoga! smh. 82.3KG

The rains continued well into the night so when I woke up on Thursday I decided to take the opportunity and go for my Swim. It was cold, but the water was fine. I manged 35 laps of the pool. 82.1KG

TGIF. No Brownies, no Chocolate Biscuits. I finished the C25K workout for a week!  Well, its just 3 days a week. But 8 cycles of alternate running and walking!!!! PLUS i ran 500 meters (only! I know) at the end of each workout… milestone for me, I could barely run 10! 82.0KG

Saturday Tennis was good, and we learned how to Smash! I did not play so terribly, just that I had some really bad pain on my shins (must be the running). 82.0KG

I am happy for myself this week. I took a stand and stuck with it. And surely, results were there. Food has been on Point. No eating out during the week (This is where saying Yes to No! comes in) and I did not have a single Chocolate. Except on Friday Night where I decided to treat myself but only to 10pcs of MnMs. There were also no upward plunges in weight, but steady numbers coming down. I have included these at the end of each day so you can see for yourself and I am more accountable this way…

Well, looking forward to the next 10 days. My goal is to hit 80Kgs before the Easter Holiday or at least by end of the month. I know the progress is small, but as I mentioned in my previous post, I’m keeping my eyes on the bigger prize!

Have a super awesome weekend and week ahead!

Much Love!


2 thoughts on “Review: March 5 – 12… Of Sticking with things

  1. Thank you so much for your comment. I am happy to know that you can relate to my blog and posts. I wish you well in your journey too. Be Blessed!


  2. It is really motivating when you see your small steps are getting you towards your goal. I am just setting some for myself but trying to keep them realistic, sometime easy to get carried away and then the goals become unrealistic. I think you are amazing and please carry on with the post they are interesting. insightful and I love reading them.


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