Review: Feb 27 – Mar 5… Of PMS, Cramps and PCOS

Its was an uneventful week.

Saturday, Tennis was a disaster! I forgot to play with my forearm and ended up massacring balls. This only makes me tired and frustrated. It was only 5 minutes to time out that I realized this and got my Swag back. This is one sport that I see myself playing for a lifetime…trying to get right!

Monday, I went for my Jog. But then got hold of  2 boxes of smarties and ate them before my brain had a chance to react. I went for Yoga in the evening, and that was relaxing.

On Tuesday I could barely manage to walk, let alone jog. I was so sore from Yoga the evening before, I was amazed my legs could even hold me up.

The soreness continued to Wednesday, whereby I decided to skip my morning workout and reserve the energy for Yoga in the evening. The class was awesome. The amazing, Fourth Chakra Yoga put up a beautiful Yoga Practice which we quickly went through in class. The effects were calming and sublime. You can click on the link and try it out for yourself and do visit here page here for an insight into Sufi Yoga.

I woke up before the crack of dawn on Thursday morning to the sound of torrential rain. There went my workout. I guess I got another day off in the week. I decided to practice some pranayam and do some stretches at home. Since I had time on my hands, and didn’t have to rush, I treated myself to a lovely omelette.

TGIF finally came and I managed to up my laps to 40 (I am talking about swimming here. In case you thought I could miraculously run 40 laps). It was killing. Next week I will try to slow down at the beginning and then pick up the pace, as I could barely breath towards the end. I sounded like a hippo yelping for air. But I set out a goal and achieved it and that felt amazing.

Saturday, unfortunately, I had to cancel Tennis. Not because of the weather or anything, but (hey, I’m for real and I promised to tell it as it is remember) I had terrible cramps. I found myself awake at 3am experiencing the most excruciating menstrual cramps and back pain. By the time the pain subsided it was 4.40 am. There was no way I could play in the morning with my belly still cramping.

I know this is TMI for some readers, but as a PCOS sufferer I’ve never had these sort of cramps before.I remember back in school I would laugh and make fun of the other girls who, when on their monthlies, would faint or throw up or simply be unable to function due to pain. I also recall colleagues who used to complain of shooting pains and mood swings during PMS. But because I had always been on “the pill” to regulate my periods, I never experienced such sensations.

It is only since August of last year when I decided I was no longer going to pop any pills, (and thanks to God and mother nature that they are now very much regular) that I now know what it feels like. I guess Karma is getting me back, but every month I have terrible back pains, mood swings and cramps. Oh, and I know what that shooting pain feels like now! The symptoms vary every month in intensity.  Sometimes, even I don’t know what is going on or how to handle it. I snap at people, I’m all tears, and I can eat a whole cow.

But this time, aside from the physical ailments, I think Yoga has made a difference to my mental state during my PMS. I only had an anger bout on Tuesday that was short lived, and no depression or mood swings. I didn’t even have a lot of cravings. So i guess its helping with this. I am due for a Pelvic scan next month, so that will tell us where, 6 months later I stand with my PCOS.

In spite of exercising (not so regularly this week) and eating 80% clean (those smarties!!) the scale has not moved much this week. I shall be doing a post this week about how I tend to peg my self-worth on my fitness goals and the scale. I have a consultation with the agent this afternoon, so that should give us the fat% and where I stand.

Until next week, I wish you an amazing weekend and, oh! help me get over these cramps!


2 thoughts on “Review: Feb 27 – Mar 5… Of PMS, Cramps and PCOS

  1. Thank you for your comment. And thank you for your suggestion of the ginger pills. I shall go and check them out at our local health store and keep them. I try hard, but the conditions I have make it more challenging. But, I ain’t a quitter, so no giving up…just keep moving.

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  2. Wonderful! Can’t wait for your post on pinning self-worth on fitness goals. That’s something so many of us can relate to! Thank you so much for the shout out too 🙂 You’re such a sweetheart! I’m so impressed with your workout routine! And I am glad you know when to take a break. FYI, I work with a naturopath and she prescribed me ginger pills (you can get these at any health food store) for menstrual pain and it works wonders + it’s all-natural! It works better than Advil or Tylenol in my opinion.


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