March Goals

And it’s March already….

Is it just me or this year seems to be going by quicker than imagined! Ok, it is decided, February was also a trial, my year officially begins in MARCH

February was an interesting month. I managed to tick off a few of my goals like Yoga and Reading. However, it was not a very good month for my FLL programme. I fell of the wagon… well, kind of slipped and hung on with dear life, more like it, but I need to get serious about it again.

With this is mind, I have put down a list of my goals for March (excuse the french in there).

This is what I have charted so far…

 March Goals

I manged to Join a Book Club in February, and actually read and completed a novel. The book club is yet to announce March’s book and I hope it will be as interesting as the one in February. Will keep you posted on that.

I am writing more, and I am loving it more. With each “like” on the blog, I am discovering new bloggers and getting to know so much more about what they write about, and what is actually going on in the rest of the world. Blogging is great, and the blogger’s community is an amazing place to make new friends and learn more about what interests you. (I picked up some amazing fitness tips, travel ideas, make-up tutorials and delicious recipes).

I went a bit further with Yoga and joined a four day Art of Living Yoga class. I was glad I did so because it has helped me do my asanas better. I have increased classes to twice a week now. In June we have a Yoga fest which I am hoping to attend. Will keep you posted on that when it happens.

I still suck at running. Am trying to read up on all sorts of techniques that will help be better my endurance. I guess I just have to push myself further.

I still love my swimming, and dread tennis. But it is all good! We are getting there.

As you all know, FLL in February did not go that well. I have stopped chocolates once again, and cut back on outings where I am required to eat out.

We had our first board meeting for YWSE and things look promising. We floated a lot of ideas on how to assist members get the most out of the network. In March we will be incorporating the International Women’s Day theme into our dinner and will have some giveaways lined up for the members.

In February, I was appointed Editor for a community-based magazine, The Solution. Although it has yet to be launched, there is a lot of ground work that needs to be done. So that will be a focal point in March as well.

So, there it is, let’s get started, shall we…


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