Review: February 20 – 26… Of Food, Food and More Food

It was a week of debacles. I am sure you are now sitting upright, hands crossed, eyebrow raised and lips turned up to one side, waiting to hear it all and then think out loud, “Has she lost it?!”

I can’t help it. I LOVE FOOD. And by now I’m convinced that It loves me too, and I’m thinking of running away with food to a remote Island where the seas are the bluest blue and the rocks are, well rocky, and eat till I can float my way back to reality!

But you won’t let that happen now will you. That is why we are here. Week in. Week out. So that I can tell you about my shortcomings and as I do, I can hear your sympathetic voices mulling over my mind telling me not to worry, for it is not the end of the world…

I came across a post that was a collection of opinions from experts in the fitness industry. I have included a few of them here, that I felt resonate with me. The main message was that although everyone is geared towards a “better and fit” self, that should not be the only  goal or aim in life. Have a read and see how you feel about these and the rest here.

q1 q2 q3 q4

Well, for those of you waiting to hear about my week that went by, this is how it was…

After an “okay” (being kind to myself here) game of tennis, I decided to reward myself with a scrumptious lunch at Asian Gardens (read about it on my blog). What followed next was a food coma that lasted all weekend. (Point of contention: FOOD)

Sundays are usually Movie days, and although I skipped the Hot Caramel Popcorns and settled for an apple during the interval, I did a fabulous job by making up for them by having 2 KITKATS (4 fingers) later. (I don’t even remember those).

Remember I mentioned that I was appointed editor for a communal magazine, “The Solution”, well, the team, or half of it, met up on Sunday evening for a brainstorming session. After it was over, I scurried over to a friend’s for some, yes, you got that right, FOOD. I made a healthy dinner choice by sticking to barbequed meet with water. (another point of contention: FOOD)

My favourite day of the week (not) was upon us again (obviously, DAH! Monday is not a option just yet), and I was at my training trying to burn off everything I could remember putting in my mouth over the weekend. It was miserable. Maybe I need new shoes, or maybe, some FOOD! I weighed myself, and I was at 84.4kgs….where will i be by end of the week?

Tuesday was a quiet day. Did the usual training and watched what I put in my mouth, which must have been nothing much as I barely remember.

I had an amazing Yoga session on Wednesday. Sadly, I missed out on Chakra Balancing taught during Monday’s class. I need to start attending Yoga at least twice a week. I shall do this from March. Dinner thereafter was 6 Barbequed Chicken wings, and while I waited, three (quiet now!) REALLY-small slices of Mum’s pizza.

Thursday ended with yet another amazing session of yoga with my friend, Shreya (of AOL fame). I remember going for training in the morning and suffering aches and pains from the session the evening before. This was her final session being taught before she leaves for the ashram in India, so the group decided on a farewell (wait for it) DINNER at a vegan restaurant. My source of protein was a semolina crepe/ pancake with some potatoes and lentils served with coconut dip (famously knows as the DOSA)

Note to reader: please excuse the quality of the picture. I must have been really hungry ;)

Note to reader: please excuse the quality of the picture. I must have been really hungry 😉

Finally, Fantastic Friday arrives. I appease myself with 30 laps of the pool and then reward my efforts with a Chocolate Muffin, some chocolate sugar free biscuits, and an oat brownie (spared for Saturday). Hello? Are you still there? Was that thump I heard you falling off your chair in disbelief? Are you still breathing????


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