FLL: February Update

I decided against my better judgement (and to save you all weekly rants) to converge all FLL blogs into monthly updates firstly because, I am not going anywhere with this programme (ok that is a lie, I am certainly not where I started) and secondly, well…. (age old excuse enter here) I have little time on my hands!

February has been a roller coaster month with the FLL programme. My eating habits changed drastically and I noticed I have been eating more of the wrong foods, in larger quantities than allowed. And weight loss progress was generally slow due to all the yo yo-ing in weight.

The month started off with creatinine tests being conducted. Levels came out higher than normal range, but the doctor confirmed that this could be due to a number of factors such as dehydration, consumption of meat on the day/night before the test, and since the test levels were not too much beyond the normal range, they were negligible. So no need for concern. However, this test is of utmost importance in the FLL programme as it will determine how my “re-feed” programme is planned.

I have been unable to meet my target of 80Kgs for February, and this only means that I will be on the programme longer than anticipated. Several factors contribute to this: binging on junk, eating more that allowed, chocolates (don’t you dare say anything) and no Balance Supplement (the FLL stores ran out until March).

I skipped a whole week of running due to YOGA sessions in the evening. Although I feel that this made a lot of difference to my well-being on the whole.

I find myself being bored of the food that I make as it has become monotonous. I eat the same vegetables during the week, and same recipes day in and out. Which is no wonder, when I do eat out, I tend to savor every morsel on my plate.

This needs to change next month. I shall review my vegetables options and try out some new recipes.

Activity wise, I have taken up Yoga, which I am thoroughly enjoying and putting a lot of effort in Jogging. I switched tennis to Saturday Morning, and feel I can play better with energy still intact.

These are my statistics for the month:

Starting Weight (05 December 2015): 90.1Kgs

Staring Weight (01 February 2016): 83Kgs

Current Weight ( 27th February 2016): 82.2kgs

Lowest Weight (12 February 2016): 82Kgs

Highest Weight (15 February 2016):  84.4 Kgs

See how pathetically I’m doing…


2 thoughts on “FLL: February Update

  1. 82 is not too far from your target. stay up! fitness is an everyday battle. even the best have bad days. just keep going. you only fail at your fitness when you give up.


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