Review: Feb 15 – 20… Of Books, Yoga and Food

Another fabulous week off the year.

I finished my book club selection, Year of Yes by Shonda Rhimes. It was an amazing read that touched me in various ways and also made me re-think my attitude to a lot of things that I have been denying myself or allowing against me, and the book taught me, apart from how to say YES to Life, how to also say YES to NO. I have a post lined up with a much more detailed review of the book but I am waiting for our book club  to review it in April, so please do watch this space for it.

I skipped my regular yoga session this week to attend an Art of Living Yoga Workshop facilitated by my good friend and now AOL full time teacher, Shreya Shah (based in Saskatchewan, Canada). The workshop was held at a local residence with only 8 participants which made it a more deeper, personal experience. I missed the first class, but she was good to make up for it on the other 3 days. The workshop ran from Sunday 14th to Wednesday 17th February 6.30pm to 8.30pm, and covered topics such as:

  • Combination of gentle and vigorous postures as well as dynamic exercises
  • Powerful breathing techniques
  • Application of Yogic Knowledge
  • Simple tools for relaxation
  • Yogic perspective on attaining a balanced diet
  • Introduction to Ayurveda, the science of life 
  • Development of a personal practice



Shreya imparting some Yogic knowledge

 It was an amazing experience. I can now say that I am fully hooked on Yoga and would like to see myself turning up the notch on this one. For more information on the Art of Living Foundation, or to find a AOL Yoga Center near you, click here.

Because of the intense yoga session in the evening, I decided to take it easy this week and skip morning workouts. Big mistake. My Tennis suffered on Saturday, and the scale did not budge a gram!


I call this a “Ball-in-Net” – what happens when you do not work out all week long

I have been eating really well this week, due to the fact that I have been skipping my meals on the Yoga nights (LOL). I could not have been bothered to come home so late and cook both lunch and dinner and then eat. So I have been surviving on fruits and bad snacks (minding the quantity, mind you).

Next week will be more relaxed, and I shall be able to get back to my routine. I just hope I am able to hit my 80Kg target over the next 9 days!




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