Week in Review: Feb 9 – 14

It was an interesting week that went by quicker than anticipated.

Interesting because, it is simply amazing how the body processes what it does not approve of from our eating habits and makes this known by making the scale jump up 2 kilos overnight.

By Friday, I was jumping with joy as I had reached my target weight of 82Kgs. That meant that I only had 2 more Kilos to go to the end of February, and my 50% weight loss target would be achieved. But alas!  The weekend was a tumultuous affair of Organic Pizzas, Chinese and Barbecue. It was not the quality of the food, rather the quantity. I stretched my stomach beyond its new capacity and well, I was up on the scale come Sunday morning.

So, you know what comes next, don’t you? Another week of training hard and turning the other cheek to those Chocolaty temptations.

On this note, I would like to mention a post that I came across by Erin Brown, about being a “Big Girl”. I found the post to be quite empowering and encouraging, as she speaks about how “Big Girls” can also be fit. You do not necessarily have to be skinny to be strong or generally happy with yourself. Love and respect the body you are in, and work towards living a healthy lifestyle. You can read it for yourself by simply clicking here.

On a plus side, this week, I increased my swim rate to 30 laps (2 sets of 15) in 35 minutes. I want to slow down and be able to go for a whole hour. Endurance is key. It’s not about how fast I can go, but how long.

The YWSE Board Meeting on Saturday 13th was a success. We met over Pizzas (that is where the evil began) and we had a long good discussion about where we want to see the Network a year from now.

The Editorial meeting scheduled for Sunday 14th was postponed to next week. At least it will give me more time to prepare for it. I have my notes and pointers ready, but just need to be more confident about being the only woman on the panel! Yikes!

So, what did everyone get up to on Valentine’s Day? I have seen all your lovely posts with you significant others, and all the beautiful gifts that you received… Bless!

I was surprised  with a Bouquet of Pink Roses and a Crystal centerpiece, from an unexpected someone. Anyway, it was nice of them to think of me even though we are no longer together.

I spent the morning with mother dear at the cinemas, and then took her on a dinner date later in the evening. We were joined by a couple of Friends, and decided to grab some Chinese. The restaurant was fairly empty when we got there, but service was terrible. People started filing in after a while, and we eventually (I say eventually because we placed our main dish orders around 8.45pm) got served dinned at 10 PM! Like, Seriously! Who eats Fried Rice and Ginger Beef and Szechuwan Chicken at 10PM!

You all know what happens when you eat a late dinner loaded with carbs and MSG…Yup! The scales jump up 2 Kgs and leaves you with a challenge to burn them off during the week.

So lovelies, with an Iron resolve, here goes everything!



6 thoughts on “Week in Review: Feb 9 – 14

  1. i think about it all the time. with every new thing upon me actually. but like i said, am always ready to fail. cheers to our journey to being strong women!


  2. Never under estimate the strength of a “thin” (skinny)person. Plus the kind of martial art you are involved in trains the mind…thats where your true strentgh lies…how many times did you do to fight/train thinking “I can’t do this” and then you just walked through!


  3. very true. mind you, if i will take a fight i will need to put on weight. sometimes i worry i am getting too thin. i guess it is all about balance. also, there is the fact that beauty comes in all shapes and forms!

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  4. Thanks hun… there is so much body shaming going around with media dictating who is too thin and who is too fat that Erin’s post was refreshing. I mean there are those of us who struggle to lose weight inspite of being fit, and others who struggle to gain weight and still cant… its just how are bodies are made…. embrace them!


  5. good luck! stay at it. i believe you can achieve your goals. i also agree on your point how big girls can be strong. it is the same with skinny ones. it is all about strength and different body types manifest that. just look at women olympians of different sports! my best wishes. keep on working hard and the results are sure to come.

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