Week in Review: Feb 1-8


The Week Started off on a Positive note.

As mentioned in my Previous post, I went for my Creatinine test. The review on Saturday revealed that the values were slightly high (normal ranges was 44- 80, mine were at 84) but the doctor confirmed that these could be due to a number of factors: Dehydration, meat the night before. (I lied that I had a Pizza the day of the test, fearful, that for some odd reason they would discover via a mere blood test how I have been going off the programme in more ways and times than one and decide to throw me out)

He was however pleased by the progress. Total Kilos Lost since December were 7Kg, and body muscle was up by 1% and body fat down by 1%. The Doctor was happy, and I was happy. I was not kicked off the programme mercilessly for binging on chocolates ( please ignore the half-eaten bar of Kit Kat near my Lappy as I write this. It shall be soon done with and cleared of my line of vision until another one pops up). Funny thing with these chocolates are, I NEVER buy them – someone just puts them where I can reach them easily, like right in my FACE. And no, I was brought up not to turn your nose up on your food.

I missed my chance at a free Barre Class that was being offered to the Board Members of YWSE. It has gathered so much hype across the globe and it is amazing to have it being offered here in my City. Alas, I shall make it a point to drag myself to an actual class. And while I’m considering Barre, there is also Taut Body (with TRX cables off a wall that may just snap on me), and Bikram Yoga (umm, wait, I might just pass that…)

Another biggie that happened this week was a phone call I received from my community asking me to be part of their editorial team. They are considering putting out a communal and secular magazine and thought I would be the ideal person to offer insight. (really??) Don’t get me wrong, I am doing what I said I would and what Shonda Rhimes has just re-inforced with her book, saying Yes! The only knowledge on “journalism” I have was the 12-week stint with a local magazine (See Asian Weekly on this blog) and these things that I post here.

But, I am sure there must have been a reason why they asked me to step forward and join them, so I am going to give them the benefit of the doubt. Keep it locked here to find out more. We have our first editorial meeting on Sunday.

Apart from that, It has been a wet week. The rains are upon us, and I only managed 2 painful and pitiful workouts this week and one session of Yoga, which, as my friend put it, involved regretting not registering for acrobat classes back in the days! I now possess an annoying pain from my neck to my back (right side) and my chest hurts when I breath. But this too shall pass.

I had a light bulb moment today when I saw an Instagram picture of a lady who was like me (healthy, wink wink) I have now resolved not to consume any more CHOCOLATES till end of the month.

Allow me to sit there and process that decision as I savor the last two fingers of my Kit Kat. God knows when I shall see another one!

Until we meet again, Live Life, and Love it!


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