Change…. is good

It’s Saturday.

I did something totally out of my comfort zone this morning. Instead of sleeping in like I normally do before work on Saturdays, I went for a game of tennis.

Certainly I am a morning person, and tennis at 5pm on Tuesdays just was not hacking it. I am usually tired, bored and exhausted by then, and I just play on auto-pilot. But this morning, even the coach noted that I am indeed better at playing tennis in the am. So, we shuffled our timings to 7am on Saturdays. Sad, because, I won’t get to sleep in anymore, but you need to lose some to win some! And it is an amazing feeling playing in the cool morning breeze as the sun comes ups!


Something else changed this week. I have been “strict” (read still sneaking in chocolates) with my diet, and the scale finally tipped to 82.5Kgs! I was estatic. I had gone for my UE Creatinine Test on Thursday, and I met a lady there, aged 52, who was just finishing the programme and was on the refeed stage.  She. Looked. Amazing. She was asked to lose 12kgs to be at her optimum, but she had lost 10Kgs and was pretty OK with that. She showed me her before and after pics, and OMG! What a difference.

If only I could follow the diet to the T. I know that If I focus I can. I was in the beginning, but now I realized how to “cheat” and I just keep cheating. I should discipline myself for only a week. And then see. But I am happy with the progress thus far. 7.2kgs down in 2 months is commendable for someone like me who had not even lost a pound in three years.

Another small Change I made this week was to go back to my heels. I had stopped wearing heels because of my lifestyle change in Australia, and I actually feared going back to them. With the weight loss, my feet are shrinking as well. I have a whole hoard of heeled shoes in my cupboard and it is time i took them out and wore them before they become big. On Friday I strutted around work in my 4″ heels. I was terrified at first, visualizing myself falling face flat, or twisting an ankle or even worse, falling down with my ankle bone popping out from the side of my foot, a bloody mess as my colleagues stood by watching in horror as I bled to death. But nothing of the sort happened, and I ended the day with a newly kindred love for my heels.

One last thing that I would like to mention that I changed this week was my mindset on a few personal areas of my life. Without mentioning them in too much detail, I would just like to tell you, or remind you if you already know about it, do not forget to BREATHE! Yes, we all have goals and deadlines, and dreams are for losers, because we all know that dreaming will not get you where you want to be or what you want. Doing will. But in the process of doing, do not forget to take a break. To breathe. To understand that we can only control some things, and trust the rest to the Almighty.

Have a great weekend everyone








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