February Goals

So I have officially decided, February is my January for 2016. I cannot believe how quickly January flew by. I still feel like I am in a daze of sorts. Well it’s time to get out of my slumbering state and smell the coffee 31 days of 366 are over. That leaves me with 335 days to make as awesome as possible.

I know I managed to tick off quite a number of things from my 2016 Wish list in January. I surprised myself, to be honest. I just hope I do not slack off and become a procrastinator. So, without much adieu, here is my list for February

My Goals For February….

  1. img_3338Book Club Selection “Year of Yes – Shonda Rhimes” : So, I did manage to find a way to “Read More” in 2016 by joining a book club, and this months selection is a book by the producer of great TV shows such as Grey’s Anatomy and Scandal. Because the book isn’t available locally yet, we all agreed to read a digital copy. I intend to finish this book come what may, in spite of my dislike for online books. (sorry, I’m old school)
  2. Blog More : Apart from the FLL posts, I would like to write more about things that go on in my life, thoughts, events, opinions. Make it more personalized. I will try two blogs a week. One fully focused on Fitness and my FLL progress, and the other entirely independent of fitness but centered around me ( I sound conceited here…do I?)
  3. Run More : Yes you read correct. I want to amp up my running skills. I have been watching YouTube videos on how to improve running techniques, build endurance and basic “how to run” videos. I am actually enjoying this, and do have a %K somewhere in my goals for 2016.
  4. Swimming : I have managed to (struggled is more the word) build up to 30 laps in 45 mins. Although I am comfortable with 10-10-10 laps, I want to try to get 30 laps in with NO breaks.
  5. karura-forestKarura Forest Walk : I have not returned back to Karura since 2014. It’s become every walker’s destination of choice on a Sunday Morning, and I want to take a trek on the wild side again. Must do one in the course of the month.
  6. FLL Programme : I need to stick to the plan as closely as possible. I have cheated enough and am now paying the price. Weight Fluctuations, Slow Metabolism and General Frustration! Not something I like to deal with!
  7. YWSE : February was a let down with the trainer cancelling last minute. I need to step up my game and pull in those trainers without them cancelling in on me.

And that  sums it up for the month, peeps! I shall revisit these at the end of the month to see how I have done.

It is the month of Love too, so make sure you spread the feeling of goodness and touch as many hearts as possible this month!

Happy February!









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