FLL: Week 10

I was thinking of getting this review done for a while, and sure enough, when I logged in, I had a message informing me that I had not posted in 12days! So much for the “blog more” resolution for 2016.

Ah well! Things have been pretty hectic around work, and with all the activities I do outside work, leaves me with absolutely no time for my Blog. But that will change.

These last two weeks have been a challenge with the FLL. Because of these terrible cravings that I have been having, I have been sneaking in all the wrong foods into my diet. Mostly Carbs – a chocolate cupcake here, a few fries with my grilled chicken there. God it’s terrible. I just can’t stop.

Plus, the portions went up over the weekends. I ate a whole bowl of Persian Rice with grilled chicken on Friday! (shakes head in disbelief)

Morning Walk

I have  kept to my fitness regime. With Jogging, Swimming, Tennis and Yoga. The weather is amazing these days and I have started heading out earlier (30mins earlier) than my usual time. That way, I can get a lot more done, plus I get to see a beautiful sunrise everyday. This week, on Monday I was at the tracks and noticed the moon was still out at dawn. It was a full moon, and traces of night were still in the sky. It was absolutely serene.

I had my third Yoga session this week, and I have to say I am absolutely L.O.V.I.N.G it! This week, I managed to get my “Nose to Knee” and worked towards perfecting the  “Surya Namaskar”.

yoga 1

I came across a InstaGrammer who does Yoga and she has mastered the art of the Crow Pose. Now that is where I want to be!

My Goal for the next two weeks is to try and break the Plateau of 83.8Kgs and Bring it down as close as possible to the 80Kg mark.

But for that I have to be really strict with myself!


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