FLL: Week…???

I am so behind on my FLL updates, that I have even forgotten what week I am in!

Okay, so at Week 4 (which is the last update here) I was at 87 Kgs. I remember pre-Thailand I was aiming at 85kgs, but that never happened. I also recall, Post- Vacay I was only 300gms heavier than my last weigh-in!

300gms on vacay! In spite of eating all the “junk”? Thailand must suit me! But I suppose the humidity and all the walking we did kept the weight at bay.

Anyhow, as at this morning, I am currently at 83.4Kgs. I can’t remember when the scale clocked that low. I know, I should not be obsessed with the figures on the scale, but its what gives me more motivation…

I have not renewed my subscription for the Gym. Instead I have been going to a track and trying to “run”. For now, that is a jog at snail’s pace. But I will get there. I have probably lost muscle, and hence the scales have tipped. But I plan to amp up my swimming, have stared YOGA and invested in an ab-wheel (that shit is hard!).

I have been having a lot of chocolates and carbs since I got back, but funnily, the weight has been falling off. I shall measure myself over the weekend and start a fresh log from next week. ( I believe it will be Week 8)

So, with my target set for end of march (is that being too ambitious) its taking it by the horns from Monday! I shall schedule a blood test end of Feb to see where the levels are now!

All the best to me!


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