Finding my Inner Chi…

Its second day post-yoga and I’m still in pain. I didn’t realize I was so flexible that I could stretch beyond my capabilities…. Even the Yoga Instructor had a hard time believing that was my first Yoga class ever!

Yes Lovelies, the deed is done! One more thing crossed off my Bucket List! On Wednesday evening, I attended my first Yoga Class with Yogi VJ.

 What was it like…?

Initially, while I was walking towards the hall, I started to have second doubts. I already stretch, to the “Cobra”, “Downward Facing Dog”, “Cow and Cat”…etc so why am I bothering to go when I could be home with my feet up (and nose on mobile). I thought it would be boring.

Boy was I mistaken! Being the beginning of the year, not many women were back to the class. So I was the only newbie, with 4 other yogis.

The Class began with some meditation (in our case we hummed) and then switched to some Pranayama (breathing) exercises.  I was amazed how just a few minutes into the Pranayamas I had already broken into a sweat. Whoever said that Yoga was a total body workout was absolutely correct

Next we did some floor stretches, which were familiar and after a few more stretches on our feet we did the legendary “Surya Namaskar”. Lastly we did with a few more stretches and ended with shoulder stands.

 What did I think…?

Not bad for a first class. However, I wish someone would have told me about the soreness following my first Yoga experience.


I understand that there are 300,000 asanas, or poses in Yoga, and it’s almost impossible to learn all of these. The fact that the instructor probably decided to pick the “easy” poses for my first class, was considerate (I bet she anticipated my pain in any case).

I  enjoyed the stretches, found them to be relaxing, and appreciated the instructor explain the benefits associated with each pose. Yoga truly is incredible!


I can definitely see myself getting hooked on Yoga, but on a weekly basis. No, I am not intimidated by the soreness… lol! But I do think I already have enough on my plate to squeeze in bi-weekly sessions. Plus, whenever I feel like, I can always practice on my own.


So, that was my first experience with Yoga… what are your thoughts?



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