Thailand – Land of Smiles (III)

Day 7: Bangkok – At Leisure


Being New Year’s Day, we slept in late, and made our way out of the Hotel close to mid-day for some last minute shopping for gifts. We ended up discovering more shopping malls interconnected underground. Have to say if shopping is your thing, then Bangkok is the place to be. We spent the day at Platinum Mall, which was abuzz with people everywhere. We stayed there till late this time and had the chance to see the Indy Night Markets as well.

Spoilt for choice for dinner, we decided to venture to a whole different area for dinner that was recommended by a friend. Nana Plaza in Sukhum Vit Area.

At first I thought my friend must have played a prank on us, because we followed the directions to a T. Well we found ourselves turning up the alley right into Sukhumvit Soi 4, AKA Nana Plaza. This is known as Bangkok’s naughty red-light district full of go-go bars clearly marked as “The World’s largest Adult Playground” . We were out of there before I even had a chance to click some decent pics. Apparently we took the wrong turn. We walked further up the road to a different alley where we found our joint, Dubai Restaurant. Dying to eat some traditional food, we ordered some Hydrabadi Chicken Biriyani and Mix Grill BBQ Platter

Day 8: Bangkok at Leisure.

1451731100243After meeting with an old colleague who has now settled in Bangkok (he is by the way an amazing musician), we proceeded to check out. With 9 hours to kill, we visited the neighboring malls where I sampled some Green Tea Ice Cream and we finally got our famous Thai Massage. I requested for a 1 hour deep tissue massage…. Painful but relaxing. Please make sure you read up on Thai and understand how to say the words “Please do not press so hard, you are killing me”. Several failed attempts had me succumbing to the woman and letting her kneed me as she would pizza dough!

Finally we were picked up from the hotel for our transfer, and arrived a Suvarnabhumi Airport a couple of hours before our flight. As the gates opened late, we didn’t have enough time to look around the Duty Free properly. With heavy hearts, and knowing the moment had come to bid farewell to this amazing, beautiful and wonderful country, we consoled ourselves with our final dunkin’ donuts and coffee and boarded he plane for the 8 hour flight back home.

And that, dearies, was my trip. I wish to go back again in November / December (God willing) of this year and visit the places that I haven’t been able to see on this trip. So, until then, or until another travel opportunity pops up, keep smiling wherever you are!


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