My Goals for 2016..

Before I get into the goals, because I do take this Goal Setting business very strictly, I would like to take the opportunity to wish everyone a Happy New Year.

Hope all of you had an amazing 2015 and are ready to make 2016 an even greater year.

For all those who set goals and actually stick to them, wish you all the best. For those who fall off the wagon, at some point or the other, don’t worry, you always have next year.

So, without much adieu, because I tend to make a lot of resolutions, here are mine (in no particular order)



  • Start YOGAthis has been on my list since 2014, hope to get into it this year
  • Take Tennis more Seriouslyplan to play at the end of year games
  • Re-do Gym Plankeep it more outdoor
  • Mt. KenyaI want to climb this before the end of the year
  • Karura Forestdo more hiking / trekking
  • 5Kactually run a marathon
  • Traveldefinitely do a lot more of this


  • Strict with FLL– So I gave FLL a shot in December, and actually managed to lose 4kgs without being too strict. I need to adhere to all the rules without cheating
  • Lose 20Kgs by March– If I stick to FLL and exercise this “optimal weight” will be attained by March IA
  • Insulin Resistant & PCOS Free – With my cycle regularized, I hope this year will see me free of the two greatest evils of my life


  • Pay-off VISA – My credit card debt needs to be sorted as it chews off a large chunk of my income
  • Save – Do whatever I can and Save

Personal Development

  • Learn something new – take up a course in something or learn a new language
  • Read More Books – maybe a Book a Month
  • Develop Blog Further – I have really enjoyed throwing myself out here. It is a whole different feeling when people from across the world appreciate you. So, hope to write more and get more creative


  • Keep in touch with Friends and go out more – I have been under a dry spell, where I much rather curl up and do nothing  than interact with fellow beings. Well that has to change his year. Keep in touch with people, make new contacts, get out and about
  • YWSE performance as Board Member – My new designation which I want to seriously contribute towards


  • Prayers & Duas – Be more regular in my daily prayers (pray on time) and not rush though, making time for supplications
  • Mosque attendance – this was dismal last year. Need to make more of an effort to go.
  • Lectures – attend more lectures at the religious center or watch them online
  • Religious Books – include spiritual genre in my readings


  • Spend more and do more with Mum – I have been neglecting her sometimes. She needs me more now, and I will be available



  • Bank Al-Habib – This is a new opportunity that is waiting to happen. I am looking forward to the challenges and the chance to grow with the bank.
  • Other on Side – I want to look at a side business. Bu not sure what, so will keep my options open


And, the best for last. Without saying much, I am going to leave this one here…

Sometimes finding Love is as easy as letting Love find you

So, stick around lovelies, and lets make things happen!




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