FLL: Week 4

Week Four was the worst. Although I did manage to go down to my lowest of 86.2Kgs, as I am writing this, I have sky-rocketed to 87 again.

I hate how obsessed I am becoming with the scale. How 100gms up or down can have such a drastic effect on my emotional state.

My goal was to reach 85Kgs before I traveled to Thailand and then try to maintain it.

I have been eating out since Tuesday. On Tuesday it was a new Pizza Joint. Yesterday (Wednesday) was a Pre-Christmas Date with a friend. I was craving Pasta, so we went to an Italian restaurant where we had some spinach-ricotta ravioli, and I ordered Sea-Food Tagliatelle (half of which I had for breakfast this morning).

Tonight, it’s Christmas Dinner with Mum, and guess the cuisine: CHINESE!!

So, I am not going to stress about it. I have already told myself that come 2016, I have to meet my target of 20kgs by MARCH. And I will stick with it.

A small excerpt, for the New Year, That I would like to share with you all:

Live life expecting it to be good.

Assume that life is on your side and that it wants only the best for you.

Live knowing that you never have to explain your actions, your words, your motives. You are judgement enough unto yourself.

Life is opportunity. And opportunity is a question.

Tiny words, tiny decisions lead to larger things.

Imagine living with the assumption that just around the corner, something mind boggling amazing is going to happen.

Live life with expectant eyes. Because I’m certain that life is just waiting to give you what you need, if only you’ll let it.

And I’m even more certain that if you’d just let go of “getting it right” that you’ll find joy and peace the kind of which you couldn’t even imagine.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year Everyone!





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