FLL: Week 3

Although I can see there is progress, I am being my own obstacle. The chocolate cravings this week were so intense, I found myself giving in once or twice and binging on them. I am also now kind of “bored” with the food. I had not looked into a recipie schedule for this week, and was just cooking off my head. I figured, it doesnt matter what I cook, as long as I maintain the portions. Also, instead of posting individual meals, I feel I like the grids better.

SATURDAY 12th & SUNDAY 13th December, 2015

Saturday was Independance Day. A public holiday. Mum and I went to run some errands, and ended up having a late lunch at one of the resturants at the Mall. I ate healthy. But also had some milkshake.

On Sunday, my granny came visiint, and we went all out on lunch. We took her to this local Thai restaurant where we ordered food like we have never eaten before. From Cigar Prawns to Prawn Tempura, Chicken Wings, Green Thai Curry and Jasmine Rice. Although I stuck to the prawns, and just one helping of rice and Thai Curry, I was maxed out.

Weighed in at: 86.9Kgs (whoo hoo!!)

MONDAY 14th December, 2015.

Hit the gym without my trainer. He has gone for his holiday break. So it is just me alone now. I spent most of the time on the mill on an incline. Was surprised after all the food I ate, i still lost 200gms!

Weighed in at: 86.7Kgs

TUESDAY 15th December, 2015

Looks like I spoke too soon!  All the feasting on Sunday repurcused today with my weight shooting up but almost 2 Kgs. On top of that I emotionally binged on 2 pieces of Giant tobelerone and 1 Ferrero Raphaelo. I had 2 chocolate cupcakes and for dinner had fries (oh so heavenly) with my grilled chicken! I guess you can say, I caved today.

Weighed in at: 88Kgs

WEDNESDAY 16th December, 2015

Miraculously lost weight after all that Binging. I did not play tennis last evening nor could I make it to the gym this morning due to the heavy downpour. Went out for dinner but stuck to grilled wings and No cheats. Have to push this weight down.

Weighed in at: 87.3Kgs

THURSDAY 17th December, 2015

I am enjoying my new Gym routine. I can not jog for 5 minutes continuous, after 10 minutes on an incline. Again today I was naughty. 3 pieces of Chocolate and a cupcake (they taste so good with green tea).

Weighed in at: 87.1Kgs

FRIDAY 18th December, 2015

Swam today. Managed 25 laps. 25 LAPS!!! I was tired but I pushed myself. That too in 30 mins. People were amazed when i told them that I swam this much. Maybe its a remarkable feat! Im happy for myself! I was all out of an appetite today. Did not carry any Lunch and did not miss it either. For dinner I just ate 2 slices of Pizza with green tea, and I was done. Guess I am bored of the food. I have 1 week left before I go on a week long break. I shall try and be strict this weekend and try and reach 85kgs by next Friday and then maintain it! Let us see!

Weighed in at: 87.0Kgs



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