FLL: Week 2


I messed up this week. Well, not entirely, but owing to “circumstances” (AKA deliberately getting myself into these situations) where  I had to compromise my programme. Ah well, what is done is done, no use crying over split milk.

SATURDAY 5th and SUNDAY 6th December, 2015

I made a mistake of not meal prepping, hoping to go to a local restaurant and make a “healthy” choice. We ended up going to OSTERIA, Where I indulged in 3 slices of freshly baked Italian Bread. I followed this up with a seafood salad. Which was a few pieces of prawns and calamari and lettuce. By the time the main meal came (yes, what was I thinking), Grilled Snapper and Spinach, I was stuffing it down. I shared the fish with mum (so I must have eaten my portion’s size) and a few fork-fulls of the spinach. But i was stuffed. I feel my stomach bag was stretched to tearing point. Lesson learnt. Better to eat at home, and then go out.

On Sunday, I was at the gym. I was pleased to note, as was my trainer, that i “Looked Smaller”. Ha! Ha! Seems like it is working! We did legs for 1.5 hours and cardio and then I enjoyed a nice steam for 30 mins. In the evening went out with my beau for a grilled fish salad. (and a double chocolate chip cookie. I am not going to lie. I ate it. I should not have. But I did)

Weighed in at: 87.7Kgs

MONDAY 7th December, 2015

I was almost expecting the scale to shoot up. But this is expected on pre-cycle days. My neighbor was considerate enough to bring a delicious fruit cake over, which, I could help from devouring. Until my mum had to give it away 😥

Weighed in at: 88.1Kgs

TUESDAY 8th December, 2015

The Cheating continues! I had a Double Choc Chip Cookie today. And I can see the weight climbing back. I feel like I will soon burst out of my skin, if I continue to cheat. All was not lost however, when my Tennis Coach paid me a compliment, “You’ve lost weight!” 🙂

Weighed in at: 88.2 Kgs

WEDNESDAY 9th December, 2015

Skipped gym today because of tennis last night. I realized that I had not been taking my Calcium and Magnesium tablets, and hence recovery for me was slower. Had a dinner date today. Was strict with my food intake. Just squeezed in 1/2 an Indian bread.

Weighed in at: 87.8Kgs

THURSDAY 10th December, 2015

So, it is apparent. What you eat, you will become: HEAVIER!. Checked the scales this morning, and sure enough, they were up. Water Intake has been lousy this week, but by end of the day, I was happy to have NOT CHEATED even once.

Weighed in at: 87.9Kgs

FRIDAY 11th December, 2015

Went for Swimming today after eons. Was amazing being back in the water. Managed 15 laps today. Its the weekend, and because I have no company this weekend, I am going to try and “Behave” and stick to this programme as rigidly as possible.

Weighed in at: 87.6Kgs

Because I had repeated most of the recipes from week 1, I  took very few pictures of my meals. I have put them together in a grid, so that you can see what I ate. I also made a chilies oil to eat with my food for some flavor.




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