Of Bugs and Bucket Lists…

I come from a country where local cultures promote the eating of Insects and Bugs, especially in the rainy season.

During the rains, we have ants that develop wings (I do not know what these are called, and I refer to them as “flying ants”). These are very popular among the locals who capture these insects, remove the wings, fry them and eat them. They are considered somewhat of a delicacy.

Similarly, we have termite-eating people, who enjoy them fried along with their UGALI (maize meal).

Then we have those who specially order a certain breed of grasshoppers, all the way from Uganda (a neighboring country). And this is what I ate.

I always wanted to eat a bug, and life presented the opportunity in the form of fried grasshoppers. At first, when I saw them, they looked like a popular little fish that we have ‘OMENA’. But then I was told its a grasshopper and before I could react one was shoved in my palm. As the person who encouraged me kept popping the crispy fried hoppers in his mouth, I was tempted to try.

And try I did, and hooked I am. They are apparently caught, washed, rubbed in salt and deep fried. Don’t ask what they taste like, they are simply crunchy, and palatable.

So, you are welcome to come over and try some. I guarantee, you will be addicted.


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