1st Week of Endings…

The Week was an Interesting one. With a lot of things happening. Because I am focusing more on the FLL  blogs, I have to keep these weekly reviews short.

Eye-Candy Saturday, 28th November 2015

Mum was headed to the opticians to get a new pair of glasses. While there, I fell in love with this amazing pair of glasses by Vera Wang. An eye-examination confirmed that there was no change in my numbers, but that didn’t mean that I couldn’t get new frames. As is typical of me, I got one of the most expensive pairs in the shop. I cannot wait to have them next weekend.

Back-Breaking Sunday, 29th November 2015

Following my 2 hour session at the gym, I embarked on the tedious task of measuring and packing my food for the next seven days. I managed, but not after suffering a back pain. With vegetables weights and meats packed according to portion sizes, and menu prepared, I was ready to roll out the programme starting tomorrow.


Death-Row Monday, 30th November 2015

Today I officially start the FLL programme. I had the cravings, I was hungry, I had headaches and I felt like dying. But I made it through. The worst part was the fat-free diet yoghurt. By the time I got home, I was so exhausted, that preparing dinner was a task. But HA, I managed. I also went to the gym.

Terrific Tuesday, 1st December 2015

The rain this morning was my saving grace. I decided to skip the gym, as I was worried how I would manage to play tennis with no energy (an overstatement). Tennis was not that bad. I pre-warned the coach so we didn’t play that hard.  The aftereffects though were crushing.

Wacky Wednesday, 2nd December 2015

My trainer did not show. So I hogged the treadmill. Managed to burn 500cals in 45 mins. Apple Juice definetly helped! By now, I am used to the frugal portions. The food it tasty enough so I do not mind the portions. We had a function to attend this evening, and I couldn’t stop myself from hogging the “khichro” (spicy lentil, barley and meat mash).

Thumbs-Up Thursday, 3rd December 2015

An amazing evening brought a close to this day. I had a YWSE Board Members meeting. I had volunteered to be on the Board and was appointed as Training Facilitator. My docket will include organizing free voluntary training sessions for the Network from which they can benefit. Other appointments included Social Media Updates, YWSE Blogs, Events Organizer and Speaker Facilitator.


Fantastic Friday, 3rd December 2015

The other fantastic thing about today (apart from the fact that its a FRIDAY!) was a 1.3KG weight-loss on the scale! I could not believe it. After “misbehaving” on the diet on Wednesday, and again on Thursday, I was actually surprised that this could even happen. Moreover, the fact that the scale shifted at all, had me in awe. Even though if this was just water weight.

Well, another amazing week comes to a close. Three more left to this beautiful year. Continue to be Amazing!


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