FLL: Week 1

Hello Lovelies and Welcome to Week 1 (pauses to imagine how long will this journey be… 4 weeks? 12 weeks? 100 (years of solitude) weeks?)

I started off on Sunday by preparing meal bags based on the recipes that I had come up with. (Which in itself was an overwhelming task). This was clearly a terrible idea as it was time consuming and hurt my back bending over the scale reading the measures for the vegetables. So I only prepped veges for 3 days (lunch and dinner) and ended up prepping meal bags for all the meats ( 2 weeks in)


MONDAY, 30th November

I chose to have Fat Free yogurt with apple and cinnamon for breakfast and it was revolting. I pray that I somehow manage to get the strength to stomach the taste of fat free yoghurt (why was it even made). That ordeal being over, I now had to wait 5 hours for my next meal with nothing but 2 crackers to take me through the next five hours. When I am not busy at work, all my attention goes to my stomach. Finally, 2 crackers and 2 cups of coffee later, I devoured my lunch (Stir-fry Chicken with Veges). It was gone too soon. Soon after I felt my sugar drop, and I felt like finding a quiet corner at work and catching a few Zzz’s. I remembered I was allowed to have  5 sticks of “Sugar-Free” gum. They didn’t help much.

Before I headed home, I had my apple as my fruit allowance. Once home, I got started on dinner. Peppersteak with Mushrooms and Salad. Not satisfying. The quantities are quite small. Before I went to bed, I was already hungry. I also had a terrible headache, but resorted to sipping some green tea before bed to help soothe them. So that was Day 1. I survived.

Weighed in at: 89.4Kgs


TUESDAY, 1st December

Decided not to go to the gym today. Had tennis later in the evening, so thought it best to conserve energy for that. I did not fell as bad as yesterday.  The Hunger pangs were tolerable and I believe it was because I drank 4 cups of coffee. Breakfast was egg and vegies. Lunch was Beef Fajita Salad and Dinner was Fish with vegetables.

Weighed in at: 89.3Kgs

WEDNESDAY, 2nd December

I am getting the flair of this. It is all about organising and preparing ahead of time. Tennis last evening was traumatic, especially after my legs were still hurting from Sunday’s Leg workout. I think this soreness may be due to my reduced calcium intake (I am been taken off dairy, and I am not allowed bananas). So I will bump up my Calcium and Magnesium tablets this week and see how I feel next Wednesday. I was going so well, but then messed up in the evening. Had gone to the mosque and they had my favourite dinner served up. I gave in. Had bowl after bowl of Khichro (Spiced Barley, Lentil and Meat Mash). It is quite rich, albeit its health benefits. Ah well, first and last time, I promise. Today’s lunch was Greek Style Feta Salad and Beef Stroganoff

Weighed in at: 88.9Kgs

THURSDAY, 3rd December

Anticipating a late night at the  mosque, I prepared everything (except breakfast) the night before. However, I awoke to the sound of rain, and decided to skip gym altogether. Until my trainer called me and made me feel double guilty (first for the splurge last night, then no gym to make it worse). Breakfast today was Spanish Omllete. Lunch Chicken Coleslaw Salad. Dinner, Chicken Tarragon.

Weighed in at: 89.0Kgs (ahh!)


FRIDAY, 4th December

I was afraid to step onto the scale this morning. Last night I had a double engagement. A YWSE board meeting and a dinner date with my friend. Munchies were ordered at the meeting, and I “allowed” myself a few thin fries. At the coffee date, for which I was obviously late, my friend kept half a Garlic Bread Slice and a few Spicy Chicken wings waiting for me. I had half of both (for fear that she would get offended, which she was because she could not order her main meal as I refused to eat more). However, a wonderful weekend surprise (which I forgot to click) was a weight loss of 900gms! Gym was good too, this morning. I will be having Fish and Vegetables for Lunch and another “CHEAT” for dinner.

Weighed in at 88.1 Kgs

Week 1 is officially Over! (weekends don’t count, remember). I will stick to the meal plan, but it is going to be a challenge. Let’s see how I hold up over the weekend. Will revert back on Monday!

Have a fabulous one!



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