December Goals

Hello Beautiful People.

I can’t believe that the year is almost over. It has been an amazing 11 months for me. A lot of new lessons learned, stepping out of my comfort zone in a lot of areas, and knowing what it is that I want out of life.

November was an amazing month, and although December, for us, is a short month (everything tends to shut down after the 12th) I shall try and do as much as possible in way of fulfilling my goals for the year.

I had vouched for “No Junk November“,but discovery of the Double Chocolate Chip Cookie at Subway made it hard to follow. However, with the FLL Programme in place, I have no chance AT ALL of consuming any sort of Junk Food. So, instead, my Health and Fitness goal for this month would be to strictly follow through with the program with NO CHEATS for the first 4 weeks. I don’t know at this point if my fitness levels will be affected by the programme. However, I still want to RUN! and play TENNIS, and SWIM, and LIFT. Will have to keep a check on these activities.

I am still getting used to taking pictures to document my week. I also now need to start taking pictures to monitor my progress. I am not a Selfie person, but will now have to overcome the fear and start clicking away!

Although I promised myself I would not buy any more clothes or shoes till March 2016, I have messed up here. Ever heard of the adage, “Don’t spend your money before you earn it!“. Well, obviously I chose to do just that. Spend money ordering scarfs (hijabs) from the UK, and then spend more money picking up beautiful Vera Wang glasses that will cost me a portion of my paycheck in January and February 2016. But we only live once, so why think twice!

I am looking forward to the year ending as I have a new job to look forward to in the New Year. I have a lot to tie up here at my current job, plus train my replacement. Also i need to read up a bit more on my new venture.

So, that is it peeps. Keep it here for weekly updates and to follow me on the FLL programme.



3 thoughts on “December Goals

  1. Thanks Steph…. It’s terrible… how do you stop yourself? I’ve emptied my wallet of all credit / debit cards, so i only walk around with limited cash. If I like it, i cant buy it!! LOL

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