My New Journey – FatLoss Laboratory

How I Heard About It…

Since I got back from Australia, I was determined to continue my fitness regime. Although I did join a local gym, and sought clean eating tactics online, the weight would not budge. I met a friend of mine who was also struggling with her weight and we decided to become accountability partners for each other, meeting once in a while to compare progress. One thing led to another, but no weight loss came about. Until this year in May when she announced she had signed up for FatLoss Laboratory.

Although I was skeptic, when I saw her three months later in August, she was down 17 Kgs and looked amazing! She convinced me to sign up and give it a shot. Although I put it off till 2016, after struggling with more fads, experiments and gym routines, I decided to start it as soon as possible.

What It Is…

Fat Loss Lab provide a customized eating plan based on your blood works. The program is individual to all participants and no two programmes are the same. After a thorough blood-test that takes into account Insulin, Serotin, HGH levels, and based on any other issues that may pop up in the blood works, an eating plan is designed for you by a team of doctors. This eating plan, with its precise quantity measures of each meal, is aimed at balancing hormones, and promoting natural weight loss.

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Why I Chose To Do It…

I have been struggling with Insulin Resistance and PCOS since time immemorial. Apart from the zillion pills that I have been on, the key to curb these ailments is weight loss. However, Insulin resistance and PCOS (coupled with Metabolic Disorder) make it near impossible to shed the weight. Having been through a several tests, experiments with diets, and a rigorous gym routines, seeing the weight remain stagnant can be frustrating. So, although weight loss is a desired outcome of the programme, my main attraction point was knowing that is stabilizes the Insulin and balances the hormones, which is what I am after.

What It Involves…

If you have struggled to lose weight or keep it off, it may be that your hormones are at play. Your hormones control every aspect of weight loss including your metabolism, where you store your fat, your appetite and even your cravings! This means any form of hormonal imbalance will sabotage your efforts – regardless of your diet and exercise habits.

FatLoss Lab targets hormones to help reduce fat. Like their Motto states, “Get Fit or FAT out”, everything in the programme is targeted towards the bigger picture. A unique food intake programme is formulates with quantities that should be consumed for Breakfast,Lunch and Dinner. These food quantities are what stimulate the hormones. Four weeks into the programme, a second blood test is conducted to determine your progress. Once you are closer to your goal weight, a re-feed programme is introduced, followed by a maintenance programme.

What are my Goals…

In a nutshell:

  • Weight loss of 20Kgs (within a period of 6 months)
  • Reduce (hopefully Cure) Insulin Sensitivity
  • With the weight loss, am hoping effects and/or presence of PCOS to diminish if not totally go away
  • Increased Fitness. I have been told because the food intake will have significantly reduced, my fitness levels may suffer. I may have to reduce the intensity.
  • Overall wellbeing

Keep reading for weekly updates and to find out how my journey is going.





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