November Movember …..Part IV

It was an uneventful week, with the highlight being the state visit by Pope Francis. Apart from the rain, there has been nothing much that I have been up to, apart from stocking up on my favourite foods for the last week. I plan to start on the FLL programme from next week ( December) and so have been on an eating spree. It is terrible, and yes, I should be ashamed of myself (grins). But i plan to be 100% committed to the programme with NO CHEAT days at all. (okay, that sounds like a death sentence). We shall no how that goes next week. In the interim, this is what the week was like for me…

SATURDAY 21st November

floodsThe rain was torrential. Beautiful weather though. One just neeed to be careful about  the flooding that comes with such rain. The day was a perfect time to enjoy some butter chicken. So that’s what mum and I had for lunch on Saturday, before we headed  to watch our movie at the theatres. When we go out, oblivious to the heavy downpour, we were flooded in on.  Maybe they were right, this was the El Nino.

SUNDAY 22nd November

I made it to the Gym for a 2 hour session, including 30 mins of Steaming. Today we had body combat. That was interesting as I have not done combat in a while. I was expecting some aches and pains, but the tension in my shoulders was lovely. I found my new love. Double Chocolate Chip Cookies from SUBWAY. OMG!! These babies are to die for. I am not a Subway fan. So I never went in there to explore other options that they may have, until a friend introduced me to these cookies. Why so late!!! I only have less than a week to make up for an entire lifetime of cookies lost! They are just too good.  cookie.jpg
MONDAY 23rd November

Woke up to a grey morning and drizzles. Gym was OK.  I can already feel this week will be useless for cardio. I guess I may have overworked myself out yesterday. I took the opportunity today to print out all the important documents for my FLL programme that I have start next month (not far to go). I am actually excited about this. I cannot wait to actually go through a programme that will not only help me cut the weight off, but regularize my hormones and Insulin Sensitivity. I only have one week to eat all my favourite foods. (GASP!)

TUESDAY 24th November

Terrific Tuesday is here. I was torn between staying in bed or going to the gym. I chose the latter. Just a basic cardio and abs session today, bearing in mind I had Tennis later in the evening, which was brutal. I was in pain after the session. Thank God Tennis only lasted 30 minutes. Now I have a whole week to recover till I die again.

WEDNESDAY 25th November

We closed work early today. The Pope arrives in Kenya this evening, and to avoid the horrendous traffic jam, we decided to close up and head home early. Yaay!

THURSDAY 26th November

Highlight of the week, the Pope’s visit to Kenya. A historic event for my country. The last Papal visit took place in 1979, almost 35 years ago. Before this, in August we had Obama Visit Kenya. Have to say this year has been eventful for Kenya. The day was declared a Public Holiday. And as a token of blessing, it rained all Night and most of Thursday Morning. Which I what I prayed for as I wanted to sleep in forever. But the rains did not stop the scores of crowds who were waiting at the grounds from 4.30am to meet the Pontiff. Mum and I decided to sample some noodles today at a local noodle joint OHCHA!. I had Pad Thai after almost 3 years. Not that bad, but could have been more flavorsome


FRIDAY 27th November
Today should have been declared a Public Holiday. I did not go to the gym, there was no traffic on the roads, there was no work at work, and we ended up closing at 4pm. I took the opportunity to make my meal plan for next week. It was a task and a half. Quite overwhelming to choose from 190 recipes, make a shopping list based on ingredients and also look out for the do’s and don’ts. Well, I cant have my seeds anymore. (sunflower, flax, pumpkin). But the recipes look delectable. I can’t wait to try them



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