November Movember …..Part III

Looks like the rainy season is finally here. With weather so cool and wet, it is a struggle waking up in the mornings. I skipped gym twice this week. But rain is just an excuse. I wanted to sleep in some more. This has been a milestone week in terms of training. Getting out of my Comfort Zone and hitting the gym on Sunday, Jogging non-stop for 5 full minutes on the treadmill, and starting off the FatLoss Lab programme. Good things are on the way…

SATURDAY 14th & SUNDAY 15th November

The weekend started off on a wet note. The weather decided to bless us with bursts of torrential rain throughout the day. So Mum and I confined ourselves to The Village Market where we treated ourselves to a late lunch. I ordered a grilled beef medallion with garden salad, and a thick chocolate shake. I know! My last one, I promise!

On Sunday, I took myself out of my Comfort Zone. Way out! Because of my Trainer’s schecule being changed, he is now at the gym on Sunday, Monday and Wednesday mornings. I was not intending to show up, but boy am I glad that I did. The gym was sort of packed but with a different crowd; Professionals. I met our Muscle Mania Runner up Zablon, Kenya Body Building Bikini Round Champ Farah and Jane Mukami who runs her own fitness platform.

The energy was so motivating, I actually Jogged non-stop for 5 minutes. Something I was never able to do, because of my panic attacks. I think the trick of covering the display worked. Normally I keep looking at the timer and when it clocks 2 minutes, my body keeps making excuses to shut down and slow down. But I did it, which means it CAN be done! (Yes, I will be able to run a marathon if I train harder now)


MONDAY 16th November

And I did it again. I Ran! Well Jogged 5 mins non-stop for warm up then continued with HiiT on the tread mill for a further 15 mins. The Workout today was shoulder and abs circuit, with intervals of 1 minute running at the end of each set. By the time we were done, my calves were on fire. But it was worth it. I’m Running!! (hey, it could be at snail’s pace, but it sure is something for me)

TUESDAY 17th November

I skipped gym today in anticipation of tennis. However, it rained pretty heavily in the afternoon and the ground was flooded. So no tennis today. I received my FATLOSS LABORATORY documentation. I have started a whole new category for it so you can follow my progress on that. Guess that spells the end of today. Until tomorrow…


WEDNESDAY 18th November

Amazing workout at the gym. Today we targeted Back and Butt. I still can’t believe I can jog non-stop for 5 minutes. So I tried again. It helps counting back and forth one to ten. I did it again. Cardio level in between sets was a killer. 100 skips, 3 x 3. That like 900 skips!! Painful, but the feeling thereafter, priceless.

I started going through the FLL documentation. Apart from the do’s and don’ts they had this document that helps identify and deal with our belief systems regarding weight. Some of us actually hold on to weight as a solution for our mental and physical issues. I will start a separate blog for all my FLL updates. The meal plan is scary. Not the foods, but the ingredients. Well, let us see how it goes.

THURSDAY 19th November

I woke up to dark skies and impeding doom in the form of rain. It did not rain, and nor was there any tennis. This time my coach had an emergency to attend to. So until next week. I met a friend and her fiancé for dinner in the evening. I do not recall eating anything at all, save 3 chicken wings. But I do know this from a message I received from my friend the next morning…


FRIDAY 20th November

This has to have been the best day of the week. I was reluctant to, but finally dragged myself to the gym. It was empty (still raining when I got there). My trainer showed, and we hit legs. In the evening I had a lovely dinner date that went on forever…let’s see where that takes us…

A final mention to the attack on Paris. It was sad. I chose to stand not  only with Paris but with the rest of the world that is also undergoing a lot of turmoil. I choose to stand with Humanity.



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