November Movember….Part II

Interesting start to the week, then things began to slow down. I only ran once. Recovery was tough. I was good with my food, but gave in to indulgences. Well, better things are on their way….. so make way for the week ahead!

SATURDAY 7th November (Continued)

I booked my appointment, as agreed, with the Fat Loss Lab Agent. After an hour-long consultation, I signed up and scheduled my blood-works for Sunday. Later on, Mum and I went out for a late lunch to Art CafeI opted for hummus with choice veges. The rest of the afternoon was spent window shopping  while in the evening I curled up in front of the TV with a book.


SUNDAY 8th November

Sundays, are never relaxing. Its always waking up late, then running errands, then figuring out what to eat. Coming home early to prepare for the week and off to bed before midnight strikes! This Sunday was slightly relaxed. I went for my fasted blood works. I cannot believe that I am actually going ahead with this. I have never looked into portion control before. Although I do eat healthy and my portions are not big, I saw a sample meal plan and everything was measured in grams. I know, that feels like such little food, but oh well! Let’s just give it a try.

Lunch was Chinese and Dinner was at Big Square (My favourite BBQ Sticky Wings – minus the fries) I know, I am ashamed. But hey it is the weekend and I will not be eating any of these foods for a while. I just hope the weight does shift and the hormones balance themselves out.


MONDAY 9th November

I am particularly proud of myself today. I love running, rather love people who run. And I’ve always struggled with it, even on the treadmill. But today, I decided to start somewhere. So I downloaded a popular app, C25K (Couch to 5km) and gave it a shot. I cannot tell you how it felt to have for the first time (this is my second attempt at C25K) to actually finish the first workout. And then to top things up, my PT had me running on the treadmill during workouts. So, I can proudly declare, today….I RAN.

Because I want to prepare myself for the upcoming weeks as part of the Fat Loss Lab programme, I have started drinking a lot of green tea. I received a sample of Hyson Green Tea and was elated to see all the various flavors inside. There are 36 sachets, divided into Vanilla, Cherry, Blueberry, Jasmine, Baroness Grey and Sour Sap flavors. I can’t wait to try them all out.

Today’s lunch was a beet and feta salad with carrots, cucumbers, lettuce and sprinkle of sunflower seeds, dressed in EVOO and Balsamic Vinegar.

mon 9

TUESDAY 10th November

I think because my food intake has reduced, my energy levels have also gone down significantly. Recovery from yesterday’s “Running” did not happen. My calves are hurting like hell, my thighs are on fire and I had no energy to workout today. Yet I killed a 30 min walk/climb session with 30 minutes of abs.

Unfortunately, the Gym changed my trainer’s shift, so he will only be coming in twice. This leaves me to wonder, if I should actually be training hard while on FatLoss Meal plan. Maybe I could compensate Gym time with more swimming, get started on some Yoga classes, or simply just take long walks and work on my running (if I don’t faint…lol)

Today is Tuesday, and Tuesdays are for TENNIS!!! I am actually looking forward to it today, but the dark clouds seem ominous of torrential rain, similar to the downpour we had last night. But I’ll still keep my spirits high. After all, we have a tourney to train for ;0

tue 10

WEDNESDAY 11th November

I did not manage to get out of bed this morning. I barely had 10 mins left for my tennis session to end yesterday and the clouds gave way to a heavy downpour that lasted all night up until morning. So, apart from the pain, it was a good excuse to sleep in some more.

The day was uneventful. In the evening I joined a friend for a Coffee (they had Milkshake) at Cold Stone Creamery and from there we went on to watch the fireworks display at a nearby temple.

We just got to the grounds and the rains hit again. We walked back to the car, soaking wet and drove home, only to be met by floods on the road. And that was the fun part. I wish you could have been in the car with us, navigating roads through rain so thick the wipers were not helping. The car had a bust exhaust system so the windscreen was all fogged up and we were driving through them. To make it more funnier, the driver wore glasses that kept steaming up. He eventually took them off, and drove…blind! Ha ha.

Well, we did manage to get home safe and sound. The rain subsided and the skies were once again lit up with pretty firework displays. I retired to bed early, and fell asleep to the colorful rays of red, green and gold penetrating into my room from my neighbour’s firework displays. (I guess I was so tired I could not care less for the noise)

Since I did not carry my phone, I could click anything. Wish everyone a Happy and Prosperous New Year! (Hindu New Year).

THURSDAY 12th & FRIDAY 13th November 

This week edged off slowly. With the rains upon us work was slow, and we ended up closing half an hour earlier than usual.

Hit legs to day at the Gym. Boy was it painful. We did body-weight exercised with free weights. Haven’t felt the burn in a while. In the evening, I curled up infront of the TV and read.The rains were torrential outside. So it made the perfect moment. I am half way through this novel, “The Language of Flowers”. It is a nice slow paced pseudo romance novel. I don’t usually do these types of books, but it came recommended, so I started it.

Friday, was even more longer. I couldn’t wait for it to end. It was the Boss’s birthday, so we bought him a cake, and there was a small staff party. I indulged in my favorite Poussin Chips. They went perfectly with the weather. ( I thought I was going to ease off these types of foods to make way for the new program ??). Because our Hindu neighbors resumed work today, after their New Year Holidays, the sweets just kept coming in…. and yes, I couldn’t resist myself. And no, I am not ashamed of it… lol

In the evening, my friend and I went to watch “The Conjuring”. I could not finish it. I am watching a horror movie after a long time. I scared the shmuck out of me. I had to tell my friend to turn it off three-quarter way and just sat in the car in silence absorbing it all. Many think that it’s a joke, or a fairy tell, but these things exist and they do happen. I have been through a similar experience 10 years ago, and that is why is stopped watching horror movies. Okay, TMI. I went home, told mum about the experience, got told off, stayed up (alone) till past midnight, then went to sleep. (Nothing happened).


SATURDAY 14th November

I wish I was in bed right now. It’s raining heavily. But I have to be at work, and I know it will be a dull day because we will not have any customers. Ah well, let the weekend begin!

 “Love recognizes no barriers,. It jumps hurdles, leaps fences, penetrates walls, to arrive at its destination full of hope” – Maya Angelou


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